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const (
	DefaultEtcdVolumeSize             = 20
	DefaultAWSEtcdVolumeType          = ec2.VolumeTypeGp3
	DefaultAWSEtcdVolumeIonIops       = 100
	DefaultAWSEtcdVolumeGp3Iops       = 3000
	DefaultAWSEtcdVolumeGp3Throughput = 125
	DefaultGCEEtcdVolumeType          = "pd-ssd"
	DefaultALIEtcdVolumeType          = "cloud_ssd"


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func FindCustomAuthNameFromArn added in v1.21.0

func FindCustomAuthNameFromArn(arn string) (string, error)

FindCustomAuthNameFromArn parses the name of a instance profile from the arn

func NewTemplateResource

func NewTemplateResource(key string, definition string, functions template.FuncMap, context interface{}) (*templateResource, error)

func ParseManifest added in v1.17.0

func ParseManifest(data []byte) ([]runtime.Object, error)

ParseManifest parses a typed set of objects from a []byte

func QueueNamePrefix added in v1.21.0

func QueueNamePrefix(clusterName string) string


type BootstrapScript

type BootstrapScript struct {
	Name      string
	Lifecycle fi.Lifecycle
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BootstrapScript) GetDependencies added in v1.19.0

func (b *BootstrapScript) GetDependencies(tasks map[string]fi.Task) []fi.Task

func (*BootstrapScript) GetName added in v1.19.0

func (b *BootstrapScript) GetName() *string

func (*BootstrapScript) Run added in v1.19.0

func (b *BootstrapScript) Run(c *fi.Context) error

type BootstrapScriptBuilder added in v1.19.0

type BootstrapScriptBuilder struct {
	Lifecycle           fi.Lifecycle
	NodeUpAssets        map[architectures.Architecture]*mirrors.MirroredAsset
	NodeUpConfigBuilder NodeUpConfigBuilder
	Cluster             *kops.Cluster

BootstrapScriptBuilder creates the bootstrap script

func (*BootstrapScriptBuilder) ResourceNodeUp added in v1.19.0

ResourceNodeUp generates and returns a nodeup (bootstrap) script from a template file, substituting in specific env vars & cluster spec configuration

type ConfigBuilder added in v1.22.0

type ConfigBuilder struct {

	Lifecycle fi.Lifecycle

ConfigBuilder populates the config store.

func (*ConfigBuilder) Build added in v1.22.0

type IssuerDiscoveryModelBuilder added in v1.21.0

type IssuerDiscoveryModelBuilder struct {

	Lifecycle fi.Lifecycle
	Cluster   *kops.Cluster

IssuerDiscoveryModelBuilder publish OIDC issuer discovery metadata

func (*IssuerDiscoveryModelBuilder) Build added in v1.21.0

type KeyResponse added in v1.21.0

type KeyResponse struct {
	Keys []jose.JSONWebKey `json:"keys"`

type KopsModelContext

type KopsModelContext struct {
	InstanceGroups []*kops.InstanceGroup
	Region         string
	SSHPublicKeys  [][]byte

KopsModelContext is the kops model

func (*KopsModelContext) APILoadBalancerClass added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) APILoadBalancerClass() kops.LoadBalancerClass

APILoadBalancerClass returns which type of load balancer to use for the api

func (*KopsModelContext) AutoscalingGroupName

func (b *KopsModelContext) AutoscalingGroupName(ig *kops.InstanceGroup) string

AutoscalingGroupName derives the autoscaling group name for us

func (*KopsModelContext) CLBName added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) CLBName(prefix string) string

CLBName returns CLB name plus cluster name

func (*KopsModelContext) CloudTags

func (b *KopsModelContext) CloudTags(name string, shared bool) map[string]string

CloudTags computes the tags to apply to a normal cloud resource with the specified name

func (*KopsModelContext) CloudTagsForInstanceGroup

func (b *KopsModelContext) CloudTagsForInstanceGroup(ig *kops.InstanceGroup) (map[string]string, error)

CloudTagsForInstanceGroup computes the tags to apply to instances in the specified InstanceGroup

func (*KopsModelContext) ELBSecurityGroupName

func (b *KopsModelContext) ELBSecurityGroupName(prefix string) string

func (*KopsModelContext) FindInstanceGroup

func (b *KopsModelContext) FindInstanceGroup(name string) *kops.InstanceGroup

FindInstanceGroup returns the instance group with the matching Name (or nil if not found)

func (*KopsModelContext) FindSubnet

func (b *KopsModelContext) FindSubnet(name string) *kops.ClusterSubnetSpec

FindSubnet returns the subnet with the matching Name (or nil if not found)

func (*KopsModelContext) FindZonesForInstanceGroup

func (b *KopsModelContext) FindZonesForInstanceGroup(ig *kops.InstanceGroup) ([]string, error)

FindZonesForInstanceGroup finds the zones for an InstanceGroup

func (*KopsModelContext) GatherSubnets

func (b *KopsModelContext) GatherSubnets(ig *kops.InstanceGroup) ([]*kops.ClusterSubnetSpec, error)

GatherSubnets maps the subnet names in an InstanceGroup to the ClusterSubnetSpec objects (which are stored on the Cluster)

func (*KopsModelContext) IAMName

func (b *KopsModelContext) IAMName(role kops.InstanceGroupRole) string

IAMName determines the name of the IAM Role and Instance Profile to use for the InstanceGroup

func (*KopsModelContext) InstanceName

func (b *KopsModelContext) InstanceName(ig *kops.InstanceGroup, suffix string) string

func (*KopsModelContext) IsIPv6Only added in v1.22.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) IsIPv6Only() bool

func (*KopsModelContext) IsKubernetesGTE

func (b *KopsModelContext) IsKubernetesGTE(version string) bool

IsKubernetesGTE checks if the kubernetes version is at least version, ignoring prereleases / patches

func (*KopsModelContext) IsKubernetesLT added in v1.17.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) IsKubernetesLT(version string) bool

IsKubernetesLT checks if the kubernetes version is before the specified version, ignoring prereleases / patches

func (*KopsModelContext) KubernetesVersion

func (b *KopsModelContext) KubernetesVersion() semver.Version

KubernetesVersion parses the semver version of kubernetes, from the cluster spec

func (*KopsModelContext) LBName32 added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) LBName32(prefix string) string

LBName32 will attempt to calculate a meaningful name for an ELB given a prefix Will never return a string longer than 32 chars Note this is _not_ the primary identifier for the ELB - we use the Name tag for that.

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToAmazonVPCIPv6CIDR added in v1.22.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToAmazonVPCIPv6CIDR() *awstasks.VPCAmazonIPv6CIDRBlock

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToAutoscalingGroup

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToAutoscalingGroup(ig *kops.InstanceGroup) *awstasks.AutoscalingGroup

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToCLB added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToCLB(prefix string) *awstasks.ClassicLoadBalancer

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToDNSZone

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToDNSZone() *awstasks.DNSZone

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToELBSecurityGroup

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToELBSecurityGroup(prefix string) *awstasks.SecurityGroup

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToIAMInstanceProfile

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToIAMInstanceProfile(ig *kops.InstanceGroup) (*awstasks.IAMInstanceProfile, error)

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToNLB added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToNLB(prefix string) *awstasks.NetworkLoadBalancer

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToPrivateRouteTableInZone

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToPrivateRouteTableInZone(zoneName string) *awstasks.RouteTable

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToPublicSubnetInZone

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToPublicSubnetInZone(zoneName string) (*awstasks.Subnet, error)

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToSSHKey

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToSSHKey() (*awstasks.SSHKey, error)

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToSecurityGroup

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToSecurityGroup(role kops.InstanceGroupRole) *awstasks.SecurityGroup

LinkToSecurityGroup creates a task link the security group to the instncegroup

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToSubnet

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToSubnet(z *kops.ClusterSubnetSpec) *awstasks.Subnet

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToTargetGroup added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToTargetGroup(prefix string) *awstasks.TargetGroup

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToUtilitySubnetInZone

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToUtilitySubnetInZone(zoneName string) (*awstasks.Subnet, error)

func (*KopsModelContext) LinkToVPC

func (b *KopsModelContext) LinkToVPC() *awstasks.VPC

func (*KopsModelContext) MasterInstanceGroups

func (b *KopsModelContext) MasterInstanceGroups() []*kops.InstanceGroup

MasterInstanceGroups returns InstanceGroups with the master role

func (*KopsModelContext) NLBName added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) NLBName(prefix string) string

func (*KopsModelContext) NLBTargetGroupName added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) NLBTargetGroupName(prefix string) string

func (*KopsModelContext) NameForDNSZone

func (b *KopsModelContext) NameForDNSZone() string

func (*KopsModelContext) NamePrivateRouteTableInZone

func (b *KopsModelContext) NamePrivateRouteTableInZone(zoneName string) string

func (*KopsModelContext) NodeInstanceGroups

func (b *KopsModelContext) NodeInstanceGroups() []*kops.InstanceGroup

NodeInstanceGroups returns InstanceGroups with the node role

func (*KopsModelContext) NodePortRange

func (b *KopsModelContext) NodePortRange() (utilnet.PortRange, error)

NodePortRange returns the range of ports allocated to NodePorts

func (*KopsModelContext) SSHKeyName

func (b *KopsModelContext) SSHKeyName() (string, error)

SSHKeyName computes a unique SSH key name, combining the cluster name and the SSH public key fingerprint. If an SSH key name is provided in the cluster configuration, it will use that instead.

func (*KopsModelContext) SecurityGroupName

func (b *KopsModelContext) SecurityGroupName(role kops.InstanceGroupRole) string

SecurityGroupName returns the security group name for the specific role

func (*KopsModelContext) UseBootstrapTokens

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseBootstrapTokens() bool

UseBootstrapTokens checks if bootstrap tokens are enabled

func (*KopsModelContext) UseClassicLoadBalancer added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseClassicLoadBalancer() bool

UseClassicLoadBalancer checks if we are using Classic LoadBalancer

func (*KopsModelContext) UseEtcdManager added in v1.15.1

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseEtcdManager() bool

UseEtcdManager checks to see if etcd manager is enabled

func (*KopsModelContext) UseEtcdTLS

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseEtcdTLS() bool

UseEtcdTLS checks to see if etcd tls is enabled

func (*KopsModelContext) UseIPv6ForAPI added in v1.22.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseIPv6ForAPI() bool

func (*KopsModelContext) UseKopsControllerForNodeBootstrap added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseKopsControllerForNodeBootstrap() bool

UseKopsControllerForNodeBootstrap checks if nodeup should use kops-controller to bootstrap.

func (*KopsModelContext) UseLoadBalancerForAPI

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseLoadBalancerForAPI() bool

UseLoadBalancerForAPI checks if we are using a load balancer for the kubeapi

func (*KopsModelContext) UseLoadBalancerForInternalAPI

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseLoadBalancerForInternalAPI() bool

UseLoadBalancerForInternalAPI check if true then we will use the created loadbalancer for internal kubelet connections. The intention here is to make connections to apiserver more HA - see

func (*KopsModelContext) UseNetworkLoadBalancer added in v1.19.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseNetworkLoadBalancer() bool

UseNetworkLoadBalancer checks if we are using Network LoadBalancer

func (*KopsModelContext) UsePrivateDNS

func (b *KopsModelContext) UsePrivateDNS() bool

UsePrivateDNS checks if we are using private DNS

func (*KopsModelContext) UseSSHKey added in v1.16.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseSSHKey() bool

UseSSHKey returns true if SSHKeyName from the cluster spec is set to a nonempty string or there is an SSH public key provisioned in the key store.

func (*KopsModelContext) UseServiceAccountExternalPermissions added in v1.22.0

func (b *KopsModelContext) UseServiceAccountExternalPermissions() bool

UseServiceAccountExternalPermissions returns true if we are using service-account bound IAM roles.

func (*KopsModelContext) UsesBastionDns

func (b *KopsModelContext) UsesBastionDns() bool

UsesBastionDns checks if we should use a specific name for the bastion dns

func (*KopsModelContext) UsesSSHBastion

func (b *KopsModelContext) UsesSSHBastion() bool

UsesSSHBastion checks if we have a Bastion in the cluster

func (*KopsModelContext) WellKnownServiceIP

func (b *KopsModelContext) WellKnownServiceIP(id int) (net.IP, error)

WellKnownServiceIP returns a service ip with the service cidr

type MasterVolumeBuilder

type MasterVolumeBuilder struct {
	Lifecycle fi.Lifecycle

MasterVolumeBuilder builds master EBS volumes

func (*MasterVolumeBuilder) Build

type NodeUpConfigBuilder added in v1.19.0

type NodeUpConfigBuilder interface {
	BuildConfig(ig *kops.InstanceGroup, apiserverAdditionalIPs []string, caTasks map[string]*fitasks.Keypair) (*nodeup.Config, *nodeup.BootConfig, error)

type OIDCKeys added in v1.21.0

type OIDCKeys struct {
	SigningKey *fitasks.Keypair

func (*OIDCKeys) GetDependencies added in v1.21.0

func (o *OIDCKeys) GetDependencies(tasks map[string]fi.Task) []fi.Task

GetDependencies adds CA to the list of dependencies

func (*OIDCKeys) Open added in v1.21.0

func (o *OIDCKeys) Open() (io.Reader, error)

type PKIModelBuilder

type PKIModelBuilder struct {
	Lifecycle fi.Lifecycle

PKIModelBuilder configures PKI keypairs, as well as tokens

func (*PKIModelBuilder) Build

Build is responsible for generating the various pki assets.

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