Package serviceaccount enforces all pods having an associated serviceaccount, and all containers mounting the API token for that serviceaccount at a known location



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    const (
    	// DefaultServiceAccountName is the name of the default service account to set on pods which do not specify a service account
    	DefaultServiceAccountName = "default"
    	// EnforceMountableSecretsAnnotation is a default annotation that indicates that a service account should enforce mountable secrets.
    	// The value must be true to have this annotation take effect
    	EnforceMountableSecretsAnnotation = ""
    	// ServiceAccountVolumeName is the prefix name that will be added to volumes that mount ServiceAccount secrets
    	ServiceAccountVolumeName = "kube-api-access"
    	// DefaultAPITokenMountPath is the path that ServiceAccountToken secrets are automounted to.
    	// The token file would then be accessible at /var/run/secrets/
    	DefaultAPITokenMountPath = "/var/run/secrets/"
    	// PluginName is the name of this admission plugin
    	PluginName = "ServiceAccount"


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    func Register

    func Register(plugins *admission.Plugins)

      Register registers a plugin

      func TokenVolumeSource

      func TokenVolumeSource() *api.ProjectedVolumeSource

        TokenVolumeSource returns the projected volume source for service account token.


        type Plugin

        type Plugin struct {
        	// LimitSecretReferences rejects pods that reference secrets their service accounts do not reference
        	LimitSecretReferences bool
        	// RequireAPIToken determines whether pod creation attempts are rejected if no API token exists for the pod's service account
        	RequireAPIToken bool
        	// MountServiceAccountToken creates Volume and VolumeMounts for the first referenced ServiceAccountToken for the pod's service account
        	MountServiceAccountToken bool
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Plugin contains the client used by the admission controller

          func NewServiceAccount

          func NewServiceAccount() *Plugin

            NewServiceAccount returns an admission.Interface implementation which limits admission of Pod CREATE requests based on the pod's ServiceAccount: 1. If the pod does not specify a ServiceAccount, it sets the pod's ServiceAccount to "default" 2. It ensures the ServiceAccount referenced by the pod exists 3. If LimitSecretReferences is true, it rejects the pod if the pod references Secret objects which the pod's ServiceAccount does not reference 4. If the pod does not contain any ImagePullSecrets, the ImagePullSecrets of the service account are added. 5. If MountServiceAccountToken is true, it adds a VolumeMount with the pod's ServiceAccount's api token secret to containers

            func (*Plugin) Admit

              Admit verifies if the pod should be admitted

              func (*Plugin) InspectFeatureGates

              func (s *Plugin) InspectFeatureGates(featureGates featuregate.FeatureGate)

                InspectFeatureGates allows setting bools without taking a dep on a global variable

                func (*Plugin) SetExternalKubeClientSet

                func (s *Plugin) SetExternalKubeClientSet(cl kubernetes.Interface)

                  SetExternalKubeClientSet sets the client for the plugin

                  func (*Plugin) SetExternalKubeInformerFactory

                  func (s *Plugin) SetExternalKubeInformerFactory(f informers.SharedInformerFactory)

                    SetExternalKubeInformerFactory registers informers with the plugin

                    func (*Plugin) Validate

                      Validate the data we obtained

                      func (*Plugin) ValidateInitialization

                      func (s *Plugin) ValidateInitialization() error

                        ValidateInitialization ensures an authorizer is set.