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type Store

type Store interface {
	// Initialize sets up the storage layer
	Initialize() error

	// Exists returns true if the object referenced by `source` has been checkpointed.
	// The source must be unambiguous - e.g. if referencing an API object it must specify both uid and resourceVersion.
	Exists(source checkpoint.RemoteConfigSource) (bool, error)
	// Save Kubelet config payloads to the storage layer. It must be possible to unmarshal the payload to a KubeletConfiguration.
	// The following payload types are supported:
	// -
	Save(c checkpoint.Payload) error
	// Load loads the KubeletConfiguration from the checkpoint referenced by `source`.
	Load(source checkpoint.RemoteConfigSource) (*kubeletconfig.KubeletConfiguration, error)

	// AssignedModified returns the last time that the assigned checkpoint was set
	AssignedModified() (time.Time, error)
	// Assigned returns the source that points to the checkpoint currently assigned to the Kubelet, or nil if no assigned checkpoint is set
	Assigned() (checkpoint.RemoteConfigSource, error)
	// LastKnownGood returns the source that points to the last-known-good checkpoint, or nil if no last-known-good checkpoint is set
	LastKnownGood() (checkpoint.RemoteConfigSource, error)

	// SetAssigned saves the source that points to the assigned checkpoint, set to nil to unset
	SetAssigned(source checkpoint.RemoteConfigSource) error
	// SetLastKnownGood saves the source that points to the last-known-good checkpoint, set to nil to unset
	SetLastKnownGood(source checkpoint.RemoteConfigSource) error
	// Reset unsets the assigned and last-known-good checkpoints and returns whether the assigned checkpoint was unset as a result of the reset
	Reset() (bool, error)

Store saves checkpoints and information about which is the assigned and last-known-good checkpoint to a storage layer

func NewFakeStore added in v1.11.6

func NewFakeStore() Store

NewFakeStore constructs a fake Store

func NewFsStore

func NewFsStore(fs utilfs.Filesystem, dir string) Store

NewFsStore returns a Store that saves its data in dir

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