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const (
	// LoadError indicates that the Kubelet failed to load the config checkpoint
	LoadError = "failed to load config, see Kubelet log for details"
	// ValidateError indicates that the Kubelet failed to validate the config checkpoint
	ValidateError = "failed to validate config, see Kubelet log for details"
	// AllNilSubfieldsError is used when no subfields are set
	// This could happen in the case that an old client tries to read an object from a newer API server with a set subfield it does not know about
	AllNilSubfieldsError = "invalid NodeConfigSource, exactly one subfield must be non-nil, but all were nil"
	// DownloadError is used when the download fails, e.g. due to network issues
	DownloadError = "failed to download config, see Kubelet log for details"
	// InternalError indicates that some internal error happened while trying to sync config, e.g. filesystem issues
	InternalError = "internal failure, see Kubelet log for details"

	// SyncErrorFmt is used when the system couldn't sync the config, due to a malformed Node.Spec.ConfigSource, a download failure, etc.
	SyncErrorFmt = "failed to sync: %s"


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type NodeConfigStatus added in v1.11.0

type NodeConfigStatus interface {
	// SetActive sets the active source in the status
	SetActive(source *apiv1.NodeConfigSource)
	// SetAssigned sets the assigned source in the status
	SetAssigned(source *apiv1.NodeConfigSource)
	// SetLastKnownGood sets the last-known-good source in the status
	SetLastKnownGood(source *apiv1.NodeConfigSource)
	// SetError sets the error associated with the status
	SetError(err string)
	// SetErrorOverride sets an error that overrides the base error set by SetError.
	// If the override is set to the empty string, the base error is reported in
	// the status, otherwise the override is reported.
	SetErrorOverride(err string)
	// Sync patches the current status into the Node identified by `nodeName` if an update is pending
	Sync(client clientset.Interface, nodeName string)

NodeConfigStatus represents Node.Status.Config

func NewNodeConfigStatus added in v1.11.0

func NewNodeConfigStatus() NodeConfigStatus

NewNodeConfigStatus returns a new NodeConfigStatus interface

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