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const (
	// noDuration signals that the dispatch step hasn't started
	NoDuration = -1
	NoResponse = -1
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const (
	DefaultShutdownTimeout = time.Minute * 1


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func AddOrUpdateAddressableHandler added in v0.38.0

func AddOrUpdateAddressableHandler(cfg eventingtls.ClientConfig, addressable duckv1.Addressable)

func ConfigureConnectionArgs added in v0.17.9

func ConfigureConnectionArgs(ca *ConnectionArgs)

ConfigureConnectionArgs configures the new connection args. Use sparingly, because it might lead to creating a lot of clients, none of them sharing their connection pool!

func CreateHandler added in v0.14.0

func CreateHandler(handler http.Handler) http.Handler

func DeleteAddressableHandler added in v0.38.0

func DeleteAddressableHandler(addressable duckv1.Addressable)

func SelectiveRetry added in v0.21.0

func SelectiveRetry(_ context.Context, response *http.Response, err error) (bool, error)

SelectiveRetry is an alternative function to determine whether to retry based on response

Note - Returning true indicates a retry should occur. Returning an error will result in that

error being returned instead of any errors from the Request.

A retry is triggered for: * nil responses * emitted errors * status codes that are 5XX, 404, 408, 409, 429 as well if the statuscode is -1.

func SetClientCleanupInterval added in v0.38.0

func SetClientCleanupInterval(cleanupInterval time.Duration, forceRestart bool)

SetClientCleanupInterval sets the interval before the clients map is re-checked for expired entries. forceRestart will force the loop to restart with the new interval, cancelling the current iteration.

func WithShutdownTimeout added in v0.14.0

func WithShutdownTimeout(ctx context.Context, timeout time.Duration) context.Context


type Backoff added in v0.17.0

type Backoff func(attemptNum int, resp *http.Response) time.Duration

Backoff specifies a policy for how long to wait between retries. It is called after a failing request to determine the amount of time that should pass before trying again.

type CheckRetry added in v0.17.0

type CheckRetry func(ctx context.Context, resp *http.Response, err error) (bool, error)

CheckRetry specifies a policy for handling retries. It is called following each request with the response and error values returned by the http.Client. If CheckRetry returns false, the Client stops retrying and returns the response to the caller. If CheckRetry returns an error, that error value is returned in lieu of the error from the request. The Client will close any response body when retrying, but if the retry is aborted it is up to the CheckRetry callback to properly close any response body before returning.

type ConnectionArgs added in v0.10.0

type ConnectionArgs struct {
	// MaxIdleConns refers to the max idle connections, as in net/http/transport.
	MaxIdleConns int
	// MaxIdleConnsPerHost refers to the max idle connections per host, as in net/http/transport.
	MaxIdleConnsPerHost int

ConnectionArgs allow to configure connection parameters to the underlying HTTP Client transport.

type DispatchInfo added in v0.39.0

type DispatchInfo struct {
	Duration       time.Duration
	ResponseCode   int
	ResponseHeader http.Header
	ResponseBody   []byte

type Dispatcher added in v0.39.0

type Dispatcher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDispatcher added in v0.39.0

func NewDispatcher(clientConfig eventingtls.ClientConfig, oidcTokenProvider *auth.OIDCTokenProvider) *Dispatcher

func (*Dispatcher) SendEvent added in v0.39.0

func (d *Dispatcher) SendEvent(ctx context.Context, event event.Event, destination duckv1.Addressable, options ...SendOption) (*DispatchInfo, error)

SendEvent sends the given event to the given destination.

func (*Dispatcher) SendMessage added in v0.39.0

func (d *Dispatcher) SendMessage(ctx context.Context, message binding.Message, destination duckv1.Addressable, options ...SendOption) (*DispatchInfo, error)

SendMessage sends the given message to the given destination. SendMessage is kept for compatibility and SendEvent should be used whenever possible.

type HTTPEventReceiver added in v0.39.0

type HTTPEventReceiver struct {

	// Used to signal when receiver is listening
	Ready chan interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHTTPEventReceiver added in v0.39.0

func NewHTTPEventReceiver(port int, o ...HTTPEventReceiverOption) *HTTPEventReceiver

func (*HTTPEventReceiver) GetAddr added in v0.39.0

func (recv *HTTPEventReceiver) GetAddr() string

func (*HTTPEventReceiver) StartListen added in v0.39.0

func (recv *HTTPEventReceiver) StartListen(ctx context.Context, handler http.Handler) error


type HTTPEventReceiverOption added in v0.39.0

type HTTPEventReceiverOption func(*HTTPEventReceiver)

HTTPEventReceiverOption enables further configuration of a HTTPEventReceiver.

func WithChecker added in v0.21.0

func WithChecker(checker http.HandlerFunc) HTTPEventReceiverOption

WithChecker takes a handler func which will run as an additional health check in Drainer. kncloudevents HTTPEventReceiver uses Drainer to perform health check. By default, Drainer directly writes StatusOK to kubelet probe if the Pod is not draining. Users can configure customized liveness and readiness check logic by defining checker here.

func WithDrainQuietPeriod added in v0.22.0

func WithDrainQuietPeriod(duration time.Duration) HTTPEventReceiverOption

WithDrainQuietPeriod configures the QuietPeriod for the Drainer.

func WithReadTimeout added in v0.34.0

func WithReadTimeout(duration time.Duration) HTTPEventReceiverOption

WithReadTimeout sets the HTTP server's ReadTimeout. It covers the duration from reading the entire request (Headers + Body)

func WithTLSConfig added in v0.37.0

func WithTLSConfig(cfg *tls.Config) HTTPEventReceiverOption

WithTLSConfig configures the TLS config for the receiver.

func WithWriteTimeout added in v0.34.0

func WithWriteTimeout(duration time.Duration) HTTPEventReceiverOption

WithWriteTimeout sets the HTTP server's WriteTimeout. It covers the time between end of reading Request Header to end of writing response.

type RetryConfig added in v0.17.0

type RetryConfig struct {
	// Maximum number of retries
	RetryMax int
	// These next two variables are just copied from the original DeliverySpec so
	// we can detect if anything has changed. We can not do that with the CheckRetry
	// Backoff (at least not easily).
	BackoffDelay  *string
	BackoffPolicy *v1.BackoffPolicyType

	CheckRetry CheckRetry
	Backoff    Backoff

	// RequestTimeout represents the timeout of the single request
	RequestTimeout time.Duration

	// RetryAfterMaxDuration represents an optional override for the maximum
	// value allowed for "Retry-After" headers in 429 / 503 responses.  A nil
	// value indicates no maximum override.  A value of "0" indicates "Retry-After"
	// headers are to be ignored.
	RetryAfterMaxDuration *time.Duration

func NoRetries added in v0.17.0

func NoRetries() RetryConfig

func RetryConfigFromDeliverySpec added in v0.17.0

func RetryConfigFromDeliverySpec(spec v1.DeliverySpec) (RetryConfig, error)

type SendOption added in v0.39.0

type SendOption func(*senderConfig) error

func WithDeadLetterSink added in v0.39.0

func WithDeadLetterSink(dls *duckv1.Addressable) SendOption

func WithEventTypeAutoHandler added in v0.41.0

func WithEventTypeAutoHandler(handler *eventtype.EventTypeAutoHandler, ref *duckv1.KReference, ownerUID types.UID) SendOption

func WithHeader added in v0.39.0

func WithHeader(header http.Header) SendOption

func WithOIDCAuthentication added in v0.39.0

func WithOIDCAuthentication(serviceAccount *types.NamespacedName) SendOption

func WithReply added in v0.39.0

func WithReply(reply *duckv1.Addressable) SendOption

func WithRetryConfig added in v0.39.0

func WithRetryConfig(retryConfig *RetryConfig) SendOption

func WithTransformers added in v0.39.0

func WithTransformers(transformers ...binding.Transformer) SendOption


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