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func NewScheduler

func NewScheduler(ctx context.Context,
	namespace, name string,
	lister scheduler.VPodLister,
	refreshPeriod time.Duration,
	capacity int32,
	schedulerPolicy scheduler.SchedulerPolicyType,
	nodeLister corev1listers.NodeLister,
	evictor scheduler.Evictor,
	schedPolicy *scheduler.SchedulerPolicy,
	deschedPolicy *scheduler.SchedulerPolicy) scheduler.Scheduler

NewScheduler creates a new scheduler with pod autoscaling enabled.

func NewStatefulSetScheduler

func NewStatefulSetScheduler(ctx context.Context,
	namespace, name string,
	lister scheduler.VPodLister,
	stateAccessor st.StateAccessor,
	autoscaler Autoscaler, podlister corev1listers.PodNamespaceLister) scheduler.Scheduler


type Autoscaler

type Autoscaler interface {
	// Start runs the autoscaler until cancelled.
	Start(ctx context.Context)

	// Autoscale is used to immediately trigger the autoscaler with the hint
	// that pending number of vreplicas couldn't be scheduled.
	Autoscale(ctx context.Context, attemptScaleDown bool, pending int32)

func NewAutoscaler

func NewAutoscaler(ctx context.Context,
	namespace, name string,
	lister scheduler.VPodLister,
	stateAccessor st.StateAccessor,
	evictor scheduler.Evictor,
	refreshPeriod time.Duration,
	capacity int32) Autoscaler

type StatefulSetScheduler

type StatefulSetScheduler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StatefulSetScheduler is a scheduler placing VPod into statefulset-managed set of pods

func (*StatefulSetScheduler) HasScorePlugins

func (s *StatefulSetScheduler) HasScorePlugins(state *st.State, policy *scheduler.SchedulerPolicy) bool

HasScorePlugins returns true if at least one score plugin is defined.

func (*StatefulSetScheduler) RunFilterPlugins

func (s *StatefulSetScheduler) RunFilterPlugins(ctx context.Context, states *st.State, vpod scheduler.VPod, podID int32, policy *scheduler.SchedulerPolicy) st.PluginToStatus

RunFilterPlugins runs the set of configured Filter plugins for a vrep on the given pod. If any of these plugins doesn't return "Success", the pod is not suitable for placing the vrep. Meanwhile, the failure message and status are set for the given pod.

func (*StatefulSetScheduler) RunScorePlugins

func (s *StatefulSetScheduler) RunScorePlugins(ctx context.Context, states *st.State, vpod scheduler.VPod, feasiblePods []int32, policy *scheduler.SchedulerPolicy) (st.PluginToPodScores, *st.Status)

RunScorePlugins runs the set of configured scoring plugins. It returns a list that stores for each scoring plugin name the corresponding PodScoreList(s). It also returns *Status, which is set to non-success if any of the plugins returns a non-success status.

func (*StatefulSetScheduler) Schedule

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