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Published: Jul 20, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 20 Imported by: 0


Resources Clean Up Tool

This tool is designed to clean up stale test resources. For now it deletes GCR images and GKE clusters created during testing.

It can also be used to delete GCR images and GKE clusters from an arbitrary project.

Basic Usage

Run go run cleanup.go with one of more of the flags below.

By default the current gcloud credentials are used to delete the images. If necessary, use the flag --service-account _key-file.json_ to specify a service account that will be performing the access to the gcr.

Project(s) to be cleaned up are expected to be either defined in a text file or passed (once or multiple times) using the --project flag.

The following flags are available for the tool:

  • --project-resource-yaml Points to a resources file containing the names of the projects to be cleaned up. Such file can be any form of text, as long as the project names can be extracted, one per line, using a regular expression.
  • --project Project to be cleaned up.
  • --re-project-name Regular expression for filtering project names from the resources file. Optional, defaults to knative-boskos-[a-zA-Z0-9]+.
  • --days-to-keep-images Optional, defaults to 365 days (aka 1 year).
  • --hours-to-keep-clusters Optional, defaults to 720 hours (aka 30 days).
  • --gcr Defines the GCR hostname to use (e.g., Optional, defaults to
  • --dry-run Optional, performs a dry run for all gcloud functions, defaults to false.


This command deletes test images older than 90 days and test clusters created more than 24 hours ago in all Boskos projects.

$ go run cleanup.go --project-resource-yaml prow/cluster/boskos/boskos_resources.yaml --days-to-keep-images 90 --hours-to-keep-clusters 24`

This command deletes test images older than 1 day and test clusters created more than 24 hours ago in a personal project called my-knative-project.

$ go run cleanup.go --project my-knative-project --days-to-keep-images 1 --hours-to-keep-clusters 24`

Prow Job

There is a weekly prow job that triggers this tool runs at 11:00/12:00PM(Day light saving) PST every Monday. This tool scans all projects defined in prow/cluster/boskos/boskos_resources.yaml and deletes images older than 90 days and clusters older than 24 hours.


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