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Published: Aug 22, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type EtcdServerOptions

type EtcdServerOptions struct {
	RecommendedOptions *genericoptions.RecommendedOptions
	ExtraOptions       *ExtraOptions

	StdOut io.Writer
	StdErr io.Writer

func NewEtcdServerOptions

func NewEtcdServerOptions(out, errOut io.Writer) *EtcdServerOptions

func (EtcdServerOptions) AddFlags

func (o EtcdServerOptions) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

func (*EtcdServerOptions) Complete

func (o *EtcdServerOptions) Complete() error

func (EtcdServerOptions) Config

func (o EtcdServerOptions) Config() (*server.EtcdServerConfig, error)

func (EtcdServerOptions) Run

func (o EtcdServerOptions) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

func (EtcdServerOptions) Validate

func (o EtcdServerOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type ExtraOptions

type ExtraOptions struct {
	EnableRBAC                  bool
	OperatorNamespace           string
	RestrictToOperatorNamespace bool
	GoverningService            string
	QPS                         float64
	Burst                       int
	ResyncPeriod                time.Duration
	MaxNumRequeues              int
	NumThreads                  int

	EnableMutatingWebhook   bool
	EnableValidatingWebhook bool

func NewExtraOptions

func NewExtraOptions() *ExtraOptions

func (*ExtraOptions) AddFlags

func (s *ExtraOptions) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

func (*ExtraOptions) AddGoFlags

func (s *ExtraOptions) AddGoFlags(fs *flag.FlagSet)

func (*ExtraOptions) ApplyTo

func (s *ExtraOptions) ApplyTo(cfg *controller.OperatorConfig) error

func (ExtraOptions) WatchNamespace

func (s ExtraOptions) WatchNamespace() string

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