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var BufferPool = sync.Pool{
	New: func() interface{} {
		return new(bytes.Buffer)


func IsCVERequest added in v0.0.14

func IsCVERequest(req *kmapi.ObjectInfo) bool

func IsClusterCVERequest added in v0.0.14

func IsClusterCVERequest(req *kmapi.ObjectInfo) bool

func IsClusterRequest added in v0.0.14

func IsClusterRequest(req *kmapi.ObjectInfo) bool

func IsImageRequest added in v0.0.14

func IsImageRequest(req *kmapi.ObjectInfo) bool

func IsNamespaceCVERequest added in v0.0.14

func IsNamespaceCVERequest(req *kmapi.ObjectInfo) bool

func IsNamespaceRequest added in v0.0.14

func IsNamespaceRequest(req *kmapi.ObjectInfo) bool

func IsPod added in v0.0.6

func IsPod(gvr schema.GroupVersionResource) bool

func IsPodRequest added in v0.0.14

func IsPodRequest(req *kmapi.ObjectInfo) bool

func RenderTemplate added in v0.0.6

func RenderTemplate(text string, data interface{}, buf *bytes.Buffer) (string, error)

func SendScanRequest added in v0.0.12

func SendScanRequest(ctx context.Context, kc client.Client, ref string, info kmapi.PullCredentials) error


type GroupKindSelector

type GroupKindSelector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewGroupKindSelector

func NewGroupKindSelector(s labels.Selector) GroupKindSelector

func (GroupKindSelector) Matches

func (s GroupKindSelector) Matches(gk schema.GroupKind) bool

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