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Helm Chart Documentation Generator

$ chart-doc-gen -d=./testdata/doc.yaml -v=./testdata/values.yaml > ./testdata/


Download the pre-built binaries from release page and copy to your $PATH directory. If you are using Go modules, you can install like below:

go get -u

How does it work

chart-doc-gen takes a doc.yaml file and fills it with a values table auto generated from a chart values file. Then it renders to stdout a file based on readme template.

chart-doc-gen walks a chart values file and generates a row for each leaf node in the values YAML document. The description of each leaf node must be written above it in comments. You can find an example generated from a values file.

Sometimes you may provide an object as default value for a parameter. To break out from the tree walk in that case, add a line comment +doc-gen:break to the right of the parameter.

You can also add an example for --set key=value command in the comments. To do so, add a line # Example: and write the example commands in the comments below. The example lines will be broken by <br > in the generated values table.

values example values example preview

Use with CI

You can use this tool in CI pipelines to ensure that your chart readme is up-to-date. You can use a Makefile with targets like below:

.PHONY: gen
gen: gen-chart-doc

.PHONY: gen-chart-doc
	@echo "Generate chart docs"
	@chart-doc-gen -d=./testdata/doc.yaml -v=./testdata/values.yaml > ./testdata/

.PHONY: verify
verify: verify-gen

.PHONY: verify-gen
verify-gen: gen fmt
	@if !(git diff --exit-code HEAD); then \
		echo "generated files are out of date, run make gen"; exit 1; \


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