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Published: Feb 6, 2024 License: Apache-2.0


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Configure Helm

helm repo add kubepack-bundles https://bundles.kubepack.com
helm repo add stable https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com
helm repo update

Generate Test Bundles

$ go run cmd/bundle-generator/main.go --name=csi-vault-bundle --charts https://charts.appscode.com/stable/@csi-vault@v0.3.0

$ go run cmd/bundle-generator/main.go --name=vault-operator-bundle \
  --charts https://charts.appscode.com/stable/@vault-operator@v0.3.0 \
  --charts https://charts.appscode.com/stable/@vault-catalog@v0.3.0 \
  --bundles https://bundles.kubepack.com@csi-vault-bundle@v0.3.0

$ go run cmd/bundle-generator/main.go --name=stash-mongodb-bundle \
  --charts https://charts.appscode.com/stable/@stash-mongodb@3.4.22:true,3.6.13:true,4.0.11:true,4.1.13:true@required@anyof

$ go run cmd/bundle-generator/main.go --name=stash-bundle \
  --charts https://bundles.kubepack.com@stash@v0.9.0-rc.6 \
  --bundles https://bundles.kubepack.com@stash-mongodb-bundle@v0.9.0-rc.6

# $ go run cmd/bundle-generator/main.go --name=cert-manager-bundle --charts https://charts.jetstack.io@cert-manager@v0.12.0@@@cert-manager

$ go run cmd/bundle-generator/main.go --name=kubedb-bundle \
  --charts https://charts.appscode.com/stable/@kubedb@v0.13.0-rc.0 \
  --charts https://charts.appscode.com/stable/@kubedb-catalog@v0.13.0-rc.0 \
  --charts https://charts.jetstack.io@cert-manager@v0.12.0@optional@@cert-manager \
  --bundles https://bundles.kubepack.com@stash-bundle@v0.9.0-rc.6

$ ./hack/publish-testcharts.sh

Generate BundleView from a Bundle

$ go run cmd/bundleview-generator/main.go

Generate Order from a BundleView

$ go run cmd/order-generator/main.go

Generate Application from a selected Chart in an Order

$ go run cmd/app-generator/main.go

Generate PackageView for a Chart

$ go run cmd/packageview-generator/main.go

Generate Install scripts

Site for Hosting User YAMLs & Scripts

https://usercontent.kubepack.com. These files are public and hosted on Google Cloud Storage Bucket gs://usercontent.kubepack.com.

Helm 3

$ go run cmd/helm3-command-generator/main.go

Helm 2

$ go run cmd/helm2-command-generator/main.go


$ go run cmd/install-yaml-generator/main.go

Check Permission

$ go run cmd/permission-checker/main.go

Install / Uninstall Chart

$ go run cmd/install-order/main.go
$ go run cmd/uninstall-order/main.go

Read Helm Hub index to determine Chart Repository Name

$ go run cmd/helm-hub-reader/main.go

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