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Published: Sep 16, 2020 | License: GPL3 | Module:
Path Synopsis
cmd/gmigrate gmigrate - show number of times G migrates to another M (OS thread).
exc Package exc provides exception-style error handling for Go.
internal/xtesting Package xtesting provides addons to std package testing.
mem Package mem provides reference-counted buffer and ways to work with memory as either string or []byte without copying.
my Package my provides easy way to determine current function's name and context.
prog Package prog provides infrastructure for implementing programs with subcommands.
tracing Package tracing provides usage and runtime support for Go tracing facilities.
tracing/cmd/gotrace Gotrace is a program to support and interact with go tracing subsystem.
xbufio Package xbufio provides addons to std package bufio.
xbytes Package xbytes provides additional utilities for working with byte slices.
xcontainer/list Package list provides intrusive double-linked lists.
xcontext Package xcontext provides addons to std package context.
xerr Package xerr provides addons for error-handling.
xflag Package xflag provides addons to standard package flag.
xfmt Package xfmt provides addons to std fmt and strconv packages with focus on formatting text without allocations.
xio Package xio provides addons to standard package io.
xmath Package xmath provides addons to std math package.
xnet Package xnet provides addons to std package net.
xnet/internal/virtnettest Package virtnettest provides basic tests to be run on virtnet network implementations.
xnet/lonet Package lonet provides TCP network simulated on top of localhost TCP loopback.
xnet/pipenet Package pipenet provides TCP-like synchronous in-memory network of net.Pipes.
xnet/virtnet Package virtnet provides infrastructure for TCP-like virtual networks.
xruntime Package xruntime provides addons to standard package runtime.
xruntime/race Package race complements standard package runtime/race.
xstrings Package xstrings provides addons to standard package strings.
xsync Package xsync complements standard package sync.