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API Ingress

Ingress for M3O services


The M3O API Ingress is a single entrypoint for apps, functions and more hosted on the M3O platform.

Supported endpoints below:


We provide a proxy to the /v1/* API endpoints. Which can be called via the following endpoint:


Which will route to:


Where Authorization: Bearer XXX is present it will be passed through to the client.

Otherwise we provide GET/POST access to the /v1/* API via api_key=xxx http param.

Example URL

Routes to https://api.m3o.com/v1/helloworld/call with Authorization: Bearer XXX set.

Request Params

The /api endpoint supports both HTTP params and JSON body where Content-Type: application/json is specified.


Apps are given a unique id and subdomain using m3o.app e.g helloworld.m3o.app resolves to the app id helloworld.

The /v1/app/Resolve endpoint is called with the ID specified to resolve the backend URL for the app


Functions are given a unique id and subdomain much like apps using m3o.sh e.g helloworld.m3o.sh resolves to the function helloworld.

The /v1/function/Proxy endpoint is called with the ID specified to resolve the backend URL for the function

URL Generator

The URL service provides link generation and sharing.

  • Assumes url is of format /url/AArfeZE
  • Will call https://api.m3o.com/url/resolve?id=AArfeZE
  • URL service should return destinationURL=https://foobar.com/example
  • The ingress URL proxy handler will issue a 302 redirect

User Verification

User email verification is performed via the /v1/user/VerifyEmail endpoint. The ingress serves user.m3o.com for this purpose.

This is also available via the /user/[id] endpoint


Specify M3O_API_TOKEN to the binary and run the ingress

Micro Services

Set the config values

micro config set micro.app.domain m3o.app
micro config set micro.app.domain m3o.sh
micro config set micro.url.host_prefix https://m3o.one/u/
micro config set micro.user.verify_email_url https://user.m3o.com

Deploy the url, function, app, user services

micro run github.com/micro/services/app
micro run github.com/micro/services/function
micro run github.com/micro/services/url
micro run github.com/micro/services/user


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