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An experimental instant messaging client written in Go for services that support the XMPP protocol (including the public Jabber network).

This is really just a UI and protocol playground and will likely never turn into a full client.


To build Communiqué you will need a supported Go version (see the go.mod file). If an appropriate version of Go is already installed, try running make.

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The communiqué command is an instant messaging client with a terminal user interface.

Communiqué is compatible with the Jabber network, or with any instant messaging service that speaks the XMPP protocol.


Path Synopsis
internal/client Package client is a high-level XMPP client implementation.
internal/client/event Package event contains events that may be emited by the client.
internal/escape Package escape contains a transformer that escapes tview IDs.
internal/logwriter Package logwriter implements writing to log.Logger's.
internal/ui Package ui ties together various widgets to create the main Communiqué UI.