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This package contains a list of system exit codes and descriptions for when they should be used. For more information see sysexits(3).

import ""



Package sysexit lists standard return codes that are often used by applications in Unix like environments.

For more info on these errors see the man page for SYSEXITS(3) on a BSD.



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type Code

type Code int

Code is an error that corresponds to an exit code.

const (
	Ok             Code = 0  // successful termination
	ErrBase        Code = 64 // base value for error messages
	ErrUsage       Code = 64 // command line usage error
	ErrData        Code = 65 // data format error
	ErrNoInput     Code = 66 // cannot open input
	ErrNoUser      Code = 67 // addressee unknown
	ErrNoHost      Code = 68 // host name unknown
	ErrUnavailable Code = 69 // service unavailable
	ErrSoftware    Code = 70 // internal software error
	ErrOS          Code = 71 // system error (e.g., can't fork)
	ErrOSFile      Code = 72 // critical OS file missing
	ErrCantCreat   Code = 73 // can't create (user) output file
	ErrIO          Code = 74 // input/output error
	ErrTempFail    Code = 75 // temp failure; user is invited to retry
	ErrProtocol    Code = 76 // remote error in protocol
	ErrNoPerm      Code = 77 // permission denied
	ErrConfig      Code = 78 // configuration error

Exit codes defined by SYSEXITS(3).

func (Code) Error

func (i Code) Error() string

Error satisfies the error interface for Code

func (Code) String added in v0.4.0

func (i Code) String() string

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