Package saslerr provides error conditions for the XMPP profile of SASL as defined by RFC 6120 §6.5.



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    const (
    	Aborted              condition = "aborted"
    	AccountDisabled      condition = "account-disabled"
    	CredentialsExpired   condition = "credentials-expired"
    	EncryptionRequired   condition = "encryption-required"
    	IncorrectEncoding    condition = "incorrect-encoding"
    	InvalidAuthzID       condition = "invalid-authzid"
    	InvalidMechanism     condition = "invalid-mechanism"
    	MalformedRequest     condition = "malformed-request"
    	MechanismTooWeak     condition = "mechanism-too-weak"
    	NotAuthorized        condition = "not-authorized"
    	TemporaryAuthFailure condition = "temporary-auth-failure"

      Standard SASL error conditions.


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      type Failure

      type Failure struct {
      	Condition condition
      	Lang      language.Tag
      	Text      string

        Failure represents a SASL error that is marshalable to XML.

        func (Failure) Error

        func (f Failure) Error() string

          Error satisfies the error interface for a Failure. It returns the text string if set, or the condition otherwise.

          func (Failure) MarshalXML

          func (f Failure) MarshalXML(e *xml.Encoder, start xml.StartElement) error

            MarshalXML satisfies the xml.Marshaler interface for a Failure.

            func (Failure) TokenReader

            func (f Failure) TokenReader() xml.TokenReader

              TokenReader implements the xmlstream.Marshaler interface.

              func (*Failure) UnmarshalXML

              func (f *Failure) UnmarshalXML(d *xml.Decoder, start xml.StartElement) error

                UnmarshalXML satisfies the xml.Unmarshaler interface for a Failure. If multiple text elements are present in the XML and the Failure struct already has a language tag set, UnmarshalXML selects the text element with an xml:lang attribute that most closely matches the features language tag. If no language tag is present, UnmarshalXML selects a text element with an xml:lang attribute of "und" if present, behavior is undefined otherwise (it will pick the tag that most closely matches "und", whatever that means).

                func (Failure) WriteXML

                func (f Failure) WriteXML(w xmlstream.TokenWriter) (int, error)

                  WriteXML implements the xmlstream.WriterTo interface.

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