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    type Bounds

    type Bounds struct {
    	X, Y, Width, Height int
    	Value               interface{}

      Bounds - A bounding box with a x,y origin and width and height

      func (*Bounds) Intersects

      func (b *Bounds) Intersects(a Bounds) bool

        Intersects - Checks if a Bounds object intersects with another Bounds

        func (*Bounds) IsPoint

        func (b *Bounds) IsPoint() bool

          IsPoint - Checks if a bounds object is a point or not (has no width or height)

          type Quadtree

          type Quadtree struct {
          	Bounds     Bounds
          	MaxObjects int // Maximum objects a node can hold before splitting into 4 subnodes
          	MaxLevels  int // Total max levels inside root Quadtree
          	Level      int // Depth level, required for subnodes
          	Objects    []Bounds
          	Nodes      []Quadtree
          	Total      int

            Quadtree - The quadtree data structure

            func (*Quadtree) Clear

            func (qt *Quadtree) Clear()

              Clear - Clear the Quadtree

              func (*Quadtree) Insert

              func (qt *Quadtree) Insert(pRect Bounds)

                Insert - Insert the object into the node. If the node exceeds the capacity, it will split and add all objects to their corresponding subnodes.

                func (*Quadtree) Retrieve

                func (qt *Quadtree) Retrieve(pRect Bounds) []Bounds

                  Retrieve - Return all objects that could collide with the given object

                  func (*Quadtree) RetrieveIntersections

                  func (qt *Quadtree) RetrieveIntersections(find Bounds) []Bounds

                    RetrieveIntersections - Bring back all the bounds in a Quadtree that intersect with a provided bounds

                    func (*Quadtree) RetrievePoints

                    func (qt *Quadtree) RetrievePoints(find Bounds) []Bounds

                      RetrievePoints - Return all points that collide

                      func (*Quadtree) TotalNodes

                      func (qt *Quadtree) TotalNodes() int

                        TotalNodes - Retrieve the total number of sub-Quadtrees in a Quadtree

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