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Published: Jan 17, 2024 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 5 Imported by: 0



Package demo implements the I/O for running the )demo special command. The script for the demo is in demo.ivy in this directory. Its content is embedded in this source file.



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func Run

func Run(userInput io.Reader, toIvy io.Writer, output io.Writer) error

Run runs the demo. The arguments are the user's input, a Writer used to deliver text to an ivy interpreter, and a Writer for the output. It assumes that ivy is writing to the same output. Ivy expressions are read from a file (maintained in demo.ivy but embedded in the package). When the user hits a blank line, the next line from the file is delivered to ivy. If the user's input line has text, that is delivered instead and the file does not advance. A nil userInput ignores the user and just runs the script.

func Text

func Text() string

Text returns the input text for the standard demo.


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