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type Scanner

type Scanner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Scanner holds the state of the scanner.

func New

func New(context value.Context, name string, r io.ByteReader) *Scanner

New creates and returns a new scanner.

func (*Scanner) Next

func (l *Scanner) Next() Token

Next returns the next token.

type Token

type Token struct {
	Type Type   // The type of this item.
	Line int    // The line number on which this token appears
	Text string // The text of this item.

Token represents a token or text string returned from the scanner.

func (Token) String

func (i Token) String() string

type Type

type Type int

Type identifies the type of lex items.

const (
	EOF     Type = iota
	Error        // error occurred; value is text of error
	Newline      // includes spaces and comments leading up to newline.
	// Interesting things
	Assign     // '='
	Char       // printable ASCII character; grab bag for comma etc.
	Identifier // alphanumeric identifier
	LeftBrack  // '['
	LeftParen  // '('
	Number     // simple number
	Operator   // known operator
	Op         // "op", operator definition keyword
	OpDelete   // "opdelete", operator undefinition keyword
	Rational   // rational number like 2/3
	Complex    // complex number like 3j2
	RightBrack // ']'
	RightParen // ')'
	Semicolon  // ';'
	String     // quoted string (includes quotes)
	Colon      // ':'

func (Type) String

func (i Type) String() string

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