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func And added in go1.16

func And(ptr *uint32, val uint32)

func And8

func And8(ptr *uint8, val uint8)

func Cas

func Cas(ptr *uint32, old, new uint32) bool

func Cas64

func Cas64(ptr *uint64, old, new uint64) bool

func CasRel added in go1.12

func CasRel(ptr *uint32, old, new uint32) bool

func Casp1

func Casp1(ptr *unsafe.Pointer, old, new unsafe.Pointer) bool

NO go:noescape annotation; see atomic_pointer.go.

func Casuintptr

func Casuintptr(ptr *uintptr, old, new uintptr) bool

func Load

func Load(ptr *uint32) uint32

func Load64

func Load64(ptr *uint64) uint64

func Load8 added in go1.13

func Load8(ptr *uint8) uint8

func LoadAcq added in go1.12

func LoadAcq(ptr *uint32) uint32

func LoadAcq64 added in go1.16

func LoadAcq64(ptr *uint64) uint64

func LoadAcquintptr added in go1.16

func LoadAcquintptr(ptr *uintptr) uintptr

func Loadint64

func Loadint64(ptr *int64) int64

func Loadp

func Loadp(ptr unsafe.Pointer) unsafe.Pointer

func Loaduint

func Loaduint(ptr *uint) uint

func Loaduintptr

func Loaduintptr(ptr *uintptr) uintptr

func Or added in go1.16

func Or(ptr *uint32, val uint32)

func Or8

func Or8(ptr *uint8, val uint8)

func Store

func Store(ptr *uint32, val uint32)

func Store64

func Store64(ptr *uint64, val uint64)

func Store8 added in go1.14

func Store8(ptr *uint8, val uint8)

func StoreRel added in go1.12

func StoreRel(ptr *uint32, val uint32)

func StoreRel64 added in go1.16

func StoreRel64(ptr *uint64, val uint64)

func StoreReluintptr added in go1.16

func StoreReluintptr(ptr *uintptr, val uintptr)

func StorepNoWB added in go1.7

func StorepNoWB(ptr unsafe.Pointer, val unsafe.Pointer)

StorepNoWB performs *ptr = val atomically and without a write barrier.

NO go:noescape annotation; see atomic_pointer.go.

func Storeuintptr

func Storeuintptr(ptr *uintptr, new uintptr)

func Xadd

func Xadd(ptr *uint32, delta int32) uint32

func Xadd64

func Xadd64(ptr *uint64, delta int64) uint64

func Xaddint64

func Xaddint64(ptr *int64, delta int64) int64

func Xadduintptr

func Xadduintptr(ptr *uintptr, delta uintptr) uintptr

func Xchg

func Xchg(ptr *uint32, new uint32) uint32

func Xchg64

func Xchg64(ptr *uint64, new uint64) uint64

func Xchguintptr

func Xchguintptr(ptr *uintptr, new uintptr) uintptr


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