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var (
	ErrDependentCertificateNotFound = errors.New("could not find secret ca")


func CreateEnvTestSecret

func CreateEnvTestSecret(client client.Client, cfg *rest.Config, cluster *clusterv1.Cluster) error

    Deprecated: use test/helpers/envtest

    func CreateSecret

    func CreateSecret(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, cluster *clusterv1.Cluster) error

      CreateSecret creates the Kubeconfig secret for the given cluster.

      func CreateSecretWithOwner

      func CreateSecretWithOwner(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, clusterName client.ObjectKey, endpoint string, owner metav1.OwnerReference) error

        CreateSecretWithOwner creates the Kubeconfig secret for the given cluster name, namespace, endpoint, and owner reference.

        func FromEnvTestConfig

        func FromEnvTestConfig(cfg *rest.Config, cluster *clusterv1.Cluster) []byte

        func FromSecret

        func FromSecret(ctx context.Context, c client.Reader, cluster client.ObjectKey) ([]byte, error)

          FromSecret fetches the Kubeconfig for a Cluster.

          func GenerateSecret

          func GenerateSecret(cluster *clusterv1.Cluster, data []byte) *corev1.Secret

            GenerateSecret returns a Kubernetes secret for the given Cluster and kubeconfig data.

            func GenerateSecretWithOwner

            func GenerateSecretWithOwner(clusterName client.ObjectKey, data []byte, owner metav1.OwnerReference) *corev1.Secret

              GenerateSecretWithOwner returns a Kubernetes secret for the given Cluster name, namespace, kubeconfig data, and ownerReference.

              func NeedsClientCertRotation

              func NeedsClientCertRotation(configSecret *corev1.Secret, threshold time.Duration) (bool, error)

                NeedsClientCertRotation returns whether any of the Kubeconfig secret's client certificates will expire before the given threshold.

                func New

                func New(clusterName, endpoint string, caCert *x509.Certificate, caKey crypto.Signer) (*api.Config, error)

                  New creates a new Kubeconfig using the cluster name and specified endpoint.

                  func RegenerateSecret

                  func RegenerateSecret(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, configSecret *corev1.Secret) error

                    RegenerateSecret creates and stores a new Kubeconfig in the given secret.


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