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Package index provides indexes for the api



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const (
	// MachineNodeNameField is used by the Machine Controller to index Machines by Node name, and add a watch on Nodes.
	MachineNodeNameField = ""

	// MachineProviderIDField is used to index Machines by ProviderID. It's useful to find Machines
	// in a management cluster from Nodes in a workload cluster.
	MachineProviderIDField = "spec.providerID"
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const (
	// ClusterClassNameField is used by the Cluster controller to index Clusters by ClusterClass name.
	ClusterClassNameField = "spec.topology.class"
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const (
	// NodeProviderIDField is used to index Nodes by ProviderID. Remote caches use this to find Nodes in a workload cluster
	// out of management cluster machine.spec.providerID.
	NodeProviderIDField = "spec.providerID"


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func AddDefaultIndexes

func AddDefaultIndexes(ctx context.Context, mgr ctrl.Manager) error

AddDefaultIndexes registers the default list of indexes.

func ByClusterClassName

func ByClusterClassName(ctx context.Context, mgr ctrl.Manager) error

ByClusterClassName adds the cluster class name index to the managers cache.

func ByMachineNode

func ByMachineNode(ctx context.Context, mgr ctrl.Manager) error

ByMachineNode adds the machine node name index to the managers cache.

func ByMachineProviderID

func ByMachineProviderID(ctx context.Context, mgr ctrl.Manager) error

ByMachineProviderID adds the machine providerID index to the managers cache.

func NodeByProviderID

func NodeByProviderID(o client.Object) []string

NodeByProviderID contains the logic to index Nodes by ProviderID.


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