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Package controllers implements the Kubeadm controllers.



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const (
	// KubeadmConfigControllerName defines the controller used when creating clients.
	KubeadmConfigControllerName = "kubeadmconfig-controller"


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var (
	// DefaultTokenTTL is the amount of time a bootstrap token (and therefore a KubeadmConfig) will be valid.
	DefaultTokenTTL = 15 * time.Minute


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type InitLocker

type InitLocker interface {
	Lock(ctx context.Context, cluster *clusterv1.Cluster, machine *clusterv1.Machine) bool
	Unlock(ctx context.Context, cluster *clusterv1.Cluster) bool

InitLocker is a lock that is used around kubeadm init.

type KubeadmConfigReconciler

type KubeadmConfigReconciler struct {
	Client           client.Client
	KubeadmInitLock  InitLocker
	WatchFilterValue string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KubeadmConfigReconciler reconciles a KubeadmConfig object.

func (*KubeadmConfigReconciler) ClusterToKubeadmConfigs

func (r *KubeadmConfigReconciler) ClusterToKubeadmConfigs(o client.Object) []ctrl.Request

ClusterToKubeadmConfigs is a handler.ToRequestsFunc to be used to enqeue requests for reconciliation of KubeadmConfigs.

func (*KubeadmConfigReconciler) MachinePoolToBootstrapMapFunc

func (r *KubeadmConfigReconciler) MachinePoolToBootstrapMapFunc(o client.Object) []ctrl.Request

MachinePoolToBootstrapMapFunc is a handler.ToRequestsFunc to be used to enqueue request for reconciliation of KubeadmConfig.

func (*KubeadmConfigReconciler) MachineToBootstrapMapFunc

func (r *KubeadmConfigReconciler) MachineToBootstrapMapFunc(o client.Object) []ctrl.Request

MachineToBootstrapMapFunc is a handler.ToRequestsFunc to be used to enqeue request for reconciliation of KubeadmConfig.

func (*KubeadmConfigReconciler) Reconcile

func (r *KubeadmConfigReconciler) Reconcile(ctx context.Context, req ctrl.Request) (_ ctrl.Result, rerr error)

Reconcile handles KubeadmConfig events.

func (*KubeadmConfigReconciler) SetupWithManager

func (r *KubeadmConfigReconciler) SetupWithManager(ctx context.Context, mgr ctrl.Manager, options controller.Options) error

SetupWithManager sets up the reconciler with the Manager.

type Scope

type Scope struct {
	Config      *bootstrapv1.KubeadmConfig
	ConfigOwner *bsutil.ConfigOwner
	Cluster     *clusterv1.Cluster

Scope is a scoped struct used during reconciliation.

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