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type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// Name is used to uniquely identify a Controller in tracing, logging and monitoring.  Name is required.
	Name string

	// MaxConcurrentReconciles is the maximum number of concurrent Reconciles which can be run. Defaults to 1.
	MaxConcurrentReconciles int

	// Reconciler is a function that can be called at any time with the Name / Namespace of an object and
	// ensures that the state of the system matches the state specified in the object.
	// Defaults to the DefaultReconcileFunc.
	Do reconcile.Reconciler

	// MakeQueue constructs the queue for this controller once the controller is ready to start.
	// This exists because the standard Kubernetes workqueues start themselves immediately, which
	// leads to goroutine leaks if something calls controller.New repeatedly.
	MakeQueue func() workqueue.RateLimitingInterface

	// Queue is an listeningQueue that listens for events from Informers and adds object keys to
	// the Queue for processing
	Queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface

	// SetFields is used to inject dependencies into other objects such as Sources, EventHandlers and Predicates
	// Deprecated: the caller should handle injected fields itself.
	SetFields func(i interface{}) error

	// Started is true if the Controller has been Started
	Started bool

	// CacheSyncTimeout refers to the time limit set on waiting for cache to sync
	// Defaults to 2 minutes if not set.
	CacheSyncTimeout time.Duration

	// LogConstructor is used to construct a logger to then log messages to users during reconciliation,
	// or for example when a watch is started.
	// Note: LogConstructor has to be able to handle nil requests as we are also using it
	// outside the context of a reconciliation.
	LogConstructor func(request *reconcile.Request) logr.Logger

	// RecoverPanic indicates whether the panic caused by reconcile should be recovered.
	RecoverPanic bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller implements controller.Controller.

func (*Controller) GetLogger added in v0.7.0

func (c *Controller) GetLogger() logr.Logger

GetLogger returns this controller's logger.

func (*Controller) InjectFunc

func (c *Controller) InjectFunc(f inject.Func) error

InjectFunc implement SetFields.Injector.

func (*Controller) Reconcile

func (c *Controller) Reconcile(ctx context.Context, req reconcile.Request) (_ reconcile.Result, err error)

Reconcile implements reconcile.Reconciler.

func (*Controller) Start

func (c *Controller) Start(ctx context.Context) error

Start implements controller.Controller.

func (*Controller) Watch

func (c *Controller) Watch(src source.Source, evthdler handler.EventHandler, prct ...predicate.Predicate) error

Watch implements controller.Controller.

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