Package exec contains an interface for executing commands, along with helpers TODO(bentheelder): add standardized timeout functionality & a default timeout so that commands cannot hang indefinitely (!)



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    var DefaultCmder = &LocalCmder{}

      DefaultCmder is a LocalCmder instance used for convenience, packages originally using os/exec.Command can instead use pkg/kind/exec.Command which forwards to this instance TODO(bentheelder): swap this for testing TODO(bentheelder): consider not using a global for this :^)


      func CombinedOutputLines

      func CombinedOutputLines(cmd Cmd) (lines []string, err error)

        CombinedOutputLines is like os/exec's cmd.CombinedOutput(), but over our Cmd interface, and instead of returning the byte buffer of stderr + stdout, it scans these for lines and returns a slice of output lines

        func Output

        func Output(cmd Cmd) ([]byte, error)

          Output is like os/exec's cmd.Output, but over our Cmd interface

          func OutputLines

          func OutputLines(cmd Cmd) (lines []string, err error)

            OutputLines is like os/exec's cmd.Output(), but over our Cmd interface, and instead of returning the byte buffer of stdout, it scans these for lines and returns a slice of output lines

            func PrettyCommand

            func PrettyCommand(name string, args ...string) string

              PrettyCommand takes arguments identical to Cmder.Command, it returns a pretty printed command that could be pasted into a shell

              func RunWithStdinWriter

              func RunWithStdinWriter(cmd Cmd, writerFunc func(io.Writer) error) error

                RunWithStdinWriter runs cmd with writerFunc piped to stdin

                func RunWithStdoutReader

                func RunWithStdoutReader(cmd Cmd, readerFunc func(io.Reader) error) error

                  RunWithStdoutReader runs cmd with stdout piped to readerFunc


                  type Cmd

                  type Cmd interface {
                  	// Run executes the command (like os/exec.Cmd.Run), it should return
                  	// a *RunError if there is any error
                  	Run() error
                  	// Each entry should be of the form "key=value"
                  	SetEnv(...string) Cmd
                  	SetStdin(io.Reader) Cmd
                  	SetStdout(io.Writer) Cmd
                  	SetStderr(io.Writer) Cmd

                    Cmd abstracts over running a command somewhere, this is useful for testing

                    func Command

                    func Command(command string, args ...string) Cmd

                      Command is a convenience wrapper over DefaultCmder.Command

                      func CommandContext

                      func CommandContext(ctx context.Context, command string, args ...string) Cmd

                        CommandContext is a convenience wrapper over DefaultCmder.CommandContext

                        func InheritOutput

                        func InheritOutput(cmd Cmd) Cmd

                          InheritOutput sets cmd's output to write to the current process's stdout and stderr

                          type Cmder

                          type Cmder interface {
                          	// command, args..., just like os/exec.Cmd
                          	Command(string, ...string) Cmd
                          	CommandContext(context.Context, string, ...string) Cmd

                            Cmder abstracts over creating commands

                            type LocalCmd

                            type LocalCmd struct {

                              LocalCmd wraps os/exec.Cmd, implementing the kind/pkg/exec.Cmd interface

                              func (*LocalCmd) Run

                              func (cmd *LocalCmd) Run() error

                                Run runs the command If the returned error is non-nil, it should be of type *RunError

                                func (*LocalCmd) SetEnv

                                func (cmd *LocalCmd) SetEnv(env ...string) Cmd

                                  SetEnv sets env

                                  func (*LocalCmd) SetStderr

                                  func (cmd *LocalCmd) SetStderr(w io.Writer) Cmd

                                    SetStderr sets stderr

                                    func (*LocalCmd) SetStdin

                                    func (cmd *LocalCmd) SetStdin(r io.Reader) Cmd

                                      SetStdin sets stdin

                                      func (*LocalCmd) SetStdout

                                      func (cmd *LocalCmd) SetStdout(w io.Writer) Cmd

                                        SetStdout set stdout

                                        type LocalCmder

                                        type LocalCmder struct{}

                                          LocalCmder is a factory for LocalCmd, implementing Cmder

                                          func (*LocalCmder) Command

                                          func (c *LocalCmder) Command(name string, arg ...string) Cmd

                                            Command returns a new exec.Cmd backed by Cmd

                                            func (*LocalCmder) CommandContext

                                            func (c *LocalCmder) CommandContext(ctx context.Context, name string, arg ...string) Cmd

                                              CommandContext is like Command but includes a context

                                              type RunError

                                              type RunError struct {
                                              	Command []string // [Name Args...]
                                              	Output  []byte   // Captured Stdout / Stderr of the command
                                              	Inner   error    // Underlying error if any

                                                RunError represents an error running a Cmd

                                                func RunErrorForError

                                                func RunErrorForError(err error) *RunError

                                                  RunErrorForError returns a RunError if the error contains a RunError. Otherwise it returns nil

                                                  func (*RunError) Cause

                                                  func (e *RunError) Cause() error

                                                    Cause mimics's Cause pattern for errors

                                                    func (*RunError) Error

                                                    func (e *RunError) Error() string

                                                    func (*RunError) PrettyCommand

                                                    func (e *RunError) PrettyCommand() string

                                                      PrettyCommand pretty prints the command in a way that could be pasted into a shell