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func Exist

func Exist(patches []StrategicMerge, path string) bool

Exist determines if a patch path exists in a slice of StrategicMerge


type Json6902 added in v1.0.9

type Json6902 struct {
	// Target refers to a Kubernetes object that the json patch will be
	// applied to. It must refer to a Kubernetes resource under the
	// purview of this kustomization. Target should use the
	// raw name of the object (the name specified in its YAML,
	// before addition of a namePrefix and a nameSuffix).
	Target *Target `json:"target" yaml:"target"`

	// relative file path for a json patch file inside a kustomization
	Path string `json:"path,omitempty" yaml:"path,omitempty"`

Json6902 represents a json patch for an object with format documented

type StrategicMerge added in v1.0.9

type StrategicMerge string

StrategicMerge represents a relative path to a stategic merge patch with the format

func Append

func Append(patches []StrategicMerge, paths ...string) []StrategicMerge

Append appends a slice of patch paths to a StrategicMerge slice

type Target

type Target struct {
	gvk.Gvk   `json:",inline,omitempty" yaml:",inline,omitempty"`
	Namespace string `json:"namespace,omitempty" yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`
	Name      string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`

Target represents the kubernetes object that the patch is applied to


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