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var DirtySuperClusters sync.Map
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var DirtyVirtualClusters sync.Map

The dirty sets are used in bootstrap and in handling cluster offline. If a cluster was in dirty set and becomes online again, the cluster state needs to be synchronized with the scheduler cache first during which the scheduler will not serve any scheduling request from that cluster.

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var SuperClusterResourceRegister plugin.ResourceRegister
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var VirtualClusterResourceRegister plugin.ResourceRegister


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type Scheduler

type Scheduler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(
	config *schedulerconfig.SchedulerConfiguration,
	vcClient vcclient.Interface,
	vcInformer vcinformers.VirtualClusterInformer,
	superClient superclient.Interface,
	superInformer superinformers.ClusterInformer,
	metaClusterClient clientset.Interface,
	metaInformers informers.SharedInformerFactory,
	stopCh <-chan struct{},
	recorder record.EventRecorder,
) (*Scheduler, error)

func (*Scheduler) Bootstrap

func (s *Scheduler) Bootstrap() error

Bootstrap initializes the scheduler cache

func (*Scheduler) Dump

func (s *Scheduler) Dump()

func (*Scheduler) Run

func (s *Scheduler) Run(stopChan <-chan struct{})

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