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ValidateTemplateName is a ValidateNameFunc for names that must be a DNS subdomain.


func GetAttrs

func GetAttrs(obj runtime.Object) (labels.Set, fields.Set, error)

GetAttrs returns labels and fields of a given object for filtering purposes.

func MatchTemplate

func MatchTemplate(label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector) storage.SelectionPredicate

MatchTemplate returns a generic matcher for a given label and field selector.

func ToSelectableFields

func ToSelectableFields(template *notify.Template) fields.Set

ToSelectableFields returns a field set that represents the object

func ValidateTemplate

func ValidateTemplate(ctx context.Context, template *notify.Template, notifyClient *notifyinternalclient.NotifyClient) field.ErrorList

ValidateTemplate tests if required fields in the template are set.

func ValidateTemplateUpdate

func ValidateTemplateUpdate(ctx context.Context, template *notify.Template, old *notify.Template, notifyClient *notifyinternalclient.NotifyClient) field.ErrorList

ValidateTemplateUpdate tests if required fields in the template are set during an update.


type Strategy

type Strategy struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Strategy implements verification logic for template.

func NewStrategy

func NewStrategy(notifyClient *notifyinternalclient.NotifyClient) *Strategy

NewStrategy creates a strategy that is the default logic that applies when creating and updating template objects.

func (Strategy) AllowCreateOnUpdate

func (Strategy) AllowCreateOnUpdate() bool

AllowCreateOnUpdate is false for templates.

func (Strategy) AllowUnconditionalUpdate

func (Strategy) AllowUnconditionalUpdate() bool

AllowUnconditionalUpdate returns true if the object can be updated unconditionally (irrespective of the latest resource version), when there is no resource version specified in the object.

func (Strategy) Canonicalize

func (Strategy) Canonicalize(obj runtime.Object)

Canonicalize normalizes the object after validation.

func (Strategy) DefaultGarbageCollectionPolicy

func (Strategy) DefaultGarbageCollectionPolicy(ctx context.Context) rest.GarbageCollectionPolicy

DefaultGarbageCollectionPolicy returns the default garbage collection behavior.

func (Strategy) Export

func (Strategy) Export(ctx context.Context, obj runtime.Object, exact bool) error

Export strips fields that can not be set by the user.

func (Strategy) NamespaceScoped

func (Strategy) NamespaceScoped() bool

NamespaceScoped is false for templates.

func (*Strategy) PrepareForCreate

func (s *Strategy) PrepareForCreate(ctx context.Context, obj runtime.Object)

PrepareForCreate is invoked on create before validation to normalize the object.

func (Strategy) PrepareForUpdate

func (Strategy) PrepareForUpdate(ctx context.Context, obj, old runtime.Object)

PrepareForUpdate is invoked on update before validation to normalize the object.

func (*Strategy) Validate

func (s *Strategy) Validate(ctx context.Context, obj runtime.Object) field.ErrorList

Validate validates a new template.

func (*Strategy) ValidateUpdate

func (s *Strategy) ValidateUpdate(ctx context.Context, obj, old runtime.Object) field.ErrorList

ValidateUpdate is the default update validation for an end template.


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