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const (
	URLPrefix         = "/.well-known/acme-challenge/"
	ACMEResponderPort = 56791


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type AuthUser

type AuthUser struct {
	Username  string
	Password  string
	Encrypted bool

type Backend

type Backend struct {
	Name          string
	NameGenerated bool
	BasicAuth     *BasicAuth

	BackendRules []string
	// Deprecated
	RewriteRules []string
	// Deprecated
	HeaderRules []string
	Endpoints   []*Endpoint

	Sticky           bool
	StickyCookieName string
	StickyCookieHash string

	ALPNOptions string
	Proto       string

	LoadBalanceOn string

type BasicAuth

type BasicAuth struct {
	Realm     string
	UserLists []string

type CORSConfig

type CORSConfig struct {
	CORSEnabled          bool
	CORSAllowedOrigin    string
	CORSAllowedMethods   string
	CORSAllowedHeaders   string
	CORSAllowCredentials bool

type Endpoint

type Endpoint struct {
	Name            string
	IP              string
	Port            string
	Weight          int
	MaxConnections  int
	ExternalName    string
	UseDNSResolver  bool
	DNSResolver     string
	CheckHealth     bool
	CheckHealthPort string
	TLSOption       string
	SendProxy       string
	AgentPort       string
	AgentInterval   string

type ErrorFile

type ErrorFile struct {
	StatusCode string
	Command    string
	Value      string

type ExternalAuth

type ExternalAuth struct {
	AuthBackend     string
	AuthBackendPath string
	AuthPath        string
	SigninPath      string
	Paths           []string

type HTTPHost

type HTTPHost struct {
	Host         string
	Paths        []*HTTPPath
	ExternalAuth *ExternalAuth

type HTTPPath

type HTTPPath struct {
	//Host        string
	Path        string
	Backend     *Backend
	SSLRedirect bool

type HTTPService

type HTTPService struct {

	FrontendName   string
	Address        string
	Port           int
	NodePort       int32
	NodePortFor443 int32
	OffloadSSL     bool
	ALPNOptions    string
	Proto          string
	FrontendRules  []string
	BasicAuth      *BasicAuth
	TLSAuth        *TLSAuth
	Hosts          []*HTTPHost

func (HTTPService) RedirectSSL

func (svc HTTPService) RedirectSSL() bool

func (*HTTPService) RemoveBackendAuth

func (svc *HTTPService) RemoveBackendAuth()

type Limit

type Limit struct {
	Connection int
	TimeSecond int
	Rate       int

type OptionConfig

type OptionConfig struct {
	Option  string
	Enabled bool

func OptionConfigs

func OptionConfigs(in map[string]bool) []OptionConfig

type SharedInfo

type SharedInfo struct {
	// Add accept-proxy to bind statements
	AcceptProxy           bool
	DefaultBackend        *Backend
	CORSConfig            CORSConfig
	ProxyBodySize         string
	EnableHSTS            bool
	HSTSMaxAge            int
	HSTSPreload           bool
	HSTSIncludeSubDomains bool
	WhitelistSourceRange  string
	MaxConnections        int
	UseNodePort           bool
	Limit                 *Limit
	HardStopAfter         string

type StatsInfo

type StatsInfo struct {
	Port     int
	Username string
	PassWord string

type TCPHost

type TCPHost struct {
	Host    string
	Backend *Backend

type TCPService

type TCPService struct {

	FrontendName  string
	Address       string
	Port          string
	FrontendRules []string
	OffloadSSL    bool
	ALPNOptions   string
	Proto         string
	TLSAuth       *TLSAuth
	Hosts         []*TCPHost

type TLSAuth

type TLSAuth struct {
	CAFile       string
	CRLFile      string
	VerifyClient string
	Headers      []TLSHeader
	ErrorPage    string
	ErrorPath    string

type TLSHeader

type TLSHeader struct {
	Header string
	Value  string

func TLSHeaders

func TLSHeaders(in map[string]string) []TLSHeader

type TemplateData

type TemplateData struct {
	TimeoutDefaults []TimeoutConfig
	OptionsDefaults []OptionConfig
	Stats           *StatsInfo
	DNSResolvers    []*api.DNSResolver
	HTTPService     []*HTTPService
	TCPService      []*TCPService
	ErrorFiles      []*ErrorFile
	UserLists       []UserList

func (*TemplateData) Canonicalize

func (td *TemplateData) Canonicalize()

func (*TemplateData) IsValid

func (td *TemplateData) IsValid() error

func (TemplateData) String

func (td TemplateData) String() string

func (TemplateData) UsesTLSAuth

func (td TemplateData) UsesTLSAuth() bool

type TimeoutConfig

type TimeoutConfig struct {
	Phase    string
	Duration string

func TimeOutConfigs

func TimeOutConfigs(in map[string]string) []TimeoutConfig

type UserList

type UserList struct {
	Name  string
	Users []AuthUser

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