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Data about new vulnerabilities come directly from Go package maintainers or sources such as MITRE and GitHub. Reports are curated by the Go Security team. Learn more at go.dev/security/vuln.


Recent Reports


Parser out-of-bounds read vulnerability caused by a malformed markdown input


The Ctx.IsFromLocal function can incorrectly report a request as being sent from localhost when the request contains an X-Forwarded-For header containing a localhost IP address.


Certain rootfs and path combinations result in generated paths that are outside of the provided rootfs on Windows.


QUIC connections do not set an upper bound on the amount of data buffered when reading post-handshake messages, allowing a malicious QUIC connection to cause unbounded memory growth. With fix, connections now consistently reject messages larger than 65KiB in size.


Processing an incomplete post-handshake message for a QUIC connection can cause a panic.

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If you don't see an existing, public Go vulnerability in a publicly importable package in our database, please let us know.

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