Package ex is a set of extensions and middleware for ln.

    This package will (inevitably) have a lot of third-party dependencies and as such might be broken apart into other packages in the future.



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    func Counter

    func Counter(name string, value int) ln.Fer

      Counter formats a value as a metrics counter.

      func Gauge

      func Gauge(name string, value int) ln.Fer

        Gauge formats a value as a metrics gauge.

        func HTTPLog

        func HTTPLog(next http.Handler) http.Handler

          HTTPLog automagically logs HTTP traffic.

          func Measure

          func Measure(name string, ts time.Time) ln.Fer

            Measure formats a value as a metrics measure.

            func NewGoEventLogger

            func NewGoEventLogger(ev trace.EventLog) ln.Filter

              NewGoEventLogger will log ln information to a given trace.EventLog instance.

              func NewGoTraceLogger

              func NewGoTraceLogger() ln.Filter

                NewGoTraceLogger will log ln information to a if it is present in the context of ln calls.


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