Package dagger is the first attempt at an API for webassembly modules to communicate with the outside world. It is based on the idea of files being used as the intermediate between user modules and resources.

    Consider this the first draft of Dagger, everything here is subject to change. This is going to be the experimental phase.



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    type Errno

    type Errno int

      Errno is the error number for an error.

      const (
      	ErrorNone Errno = iota

        Error numbers

        func (Errno) String

        func (i Errno) String() string

        type Error

        type Error struct {
        	Errno      Errno
        	Underlying error

          Error is a common error type for dagger operations.

          func (Error) Error

          func (e Error) Error() string

          type Process

          type Process struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Process is a higher level wrapper around a set of files for dagger modules.

            func NewProcess

            func NewProcess(name string) *Process

              NewProcess creates a new process.

              func (*Process) CloseFD

              func (p *Process) CloseFD(fd int64) int64

                CloseFD closes a file descriptor.

                func (Process) Files

                func (p Process) Files() []abi.File

                  Files returns the process' list of open files.

                  func (*Process) Name

                  func (p *Process) Name() string

                    Name returns this process's name.

                    func (*Process) Open

                    func (p *Process) Open(f abi.File)

                      Open makes this Process track an arbitrary extra file.

                      func (*Process) OpenFD

                      func (p *Process) OpenFD(furl string, flags uint32) int64

                        OpenFD opens a file descriptor for this Process with the given file url string and flags integer.

                        func (*Process) ReadFD

                        func (p *Process) ReadFD(fd int64, buf []byte) int64

                          ReadFD reads data from the given FD into the byte buffer.

                          func (*Process) ResolveFunc

                          func (p *Process) ResolveFunc(module, field string) exec.FunctionImport

                            ResolveFunc resolves dagger's ABI and importable functions.

                            func (*Process) ResolveGlobal

                            func (p *Process) ResolveGlobal(module, field string) int64

                              ResolveGlobal does nothing, currently.

                              func (*Process) SyncFD

                              func (p *Process) SyncFD(fd int64) int64

                                SyncFD runs a file's sync operation and returns -1 if it failed.

                                func (*Process) WriteFD

                                func (p *Process) WriteFD(fd int64, data []byte) int64

                                  WriteFD writes the given data to a file descriptor, returning -1 if it failed somehow.