Package wasmgo contains hacks and bindings in order to "mixin" the Go webassembly ABI to another webassembly module.



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    var (
    	// ImplementedGoABIFuncs is not used at runtime. This is used for documentation only.
    	ImplementedGoABIFuncs = []string{
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    var Undefined = &struct{}{}

      Undefined isn't defined, but we have to make it _something_.


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      type ArrayBuffer

      type ArrayBuffer struct {
      	Data []byte

        ArrayBuffer is a wrapper around arrays for "JS" interop

        type FuncWrapper

        type FuncWrapper struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        type Object

        type Object struct {
        	Props map[string]interface{}
        	New   func(args []interface{}) interface{}

          Object is a generic JS-like object.

          type TypedArray

          type TypedArray struct {
          	Buffer *ArrayBuffer
          	Offset int
          	Length int

            TypedArray is an ArrayBuffer with an offset and length

            type WasmGo

            type WasmGo struct {
            	BootTime   time.Time
            	Exited     bool
            	StatusCode int32
            	Memory     *ArrayBuffer
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            func New

            func New(name string, argv []string, env map[string]string) *WasmGo

            func (*WasmGo) ResolveFunc

            func (w *WasmGo) ResolveFunc(module, field string) exec.FunctionImport

            func (*WasmGo) ResolveGlobal

            func (w *WasmGo) ResolveGlobal(module, field string) int64

              ResolveGlobal does nothing, currently.