Package markov handles markov chain generation.

    This Markov chain code is taken from the "Generating arbitrary text" codewalk:

    Minor modifications have been made to make it easier to integrate with a webserver and to save/load state



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    type Chain

    type Chain struct {
    	Chain map[string][]string
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Chain contains a map ("chain") of prefixes to a list of suffixes. A prefix is a string of prefixLen words joined with spaces. A suffix is a single word. A prefix can have multiple suffixes.

      func NewChain

      func NewChain(prefixLen int) *Chain

        NewChain returns a new Chain with prefixes of prefixLen words.

        func (*Chain) Generate

        func (c *Chain) Generate(n int) string

          Generate returns a string of at most n words generated from Chain.

          func (*Chain) Load

          func (c *Chain) Load(fileName string) error

            Load the chain from a file

            func (*Chain) Save

            func (c *Chain) Save(fileName string) error

              Save the chain to a file

              func (*Chain) Write

              func (c *Chain) Write(in string) (int, error)

                Write parses the bytes into prefixes and suffixes that are stored in Chain.

                type Prefix

                type Prefix []string

                  Prefix is a Markov chain prefix of one or more words.

                  func (Prefix) Shift

                  func (p Prefix) Shift(word string)

                    Shift removes the first word from the Prefix and appends the given word.

                    func (Prefix) String

                    func (p Prefix) String() string

                      String returns the Prefix as a string (for use as a map key).

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