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Published: Aug 22, 2021 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 18 Imported by: 0



dapgx provides a PostgreSQL backends for the daql project.


Copyright (c) Martin Schnabel. All rights reserved. Use of the source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can found in the LICENSE file.




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const (
	PrecIs  // , is null, is not null, …
	PrecCmp // <, >, =, <=, >=, <>, !=
	PrecIn  // , between, like, ilike, similar
	PrecAdd // +, -
	PrecMul // *, /, %


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var External = fmt.Errorf("external symbol")


func Open

func Open(dsn string, logger pgx.Logger) (*pgxpool.Pool, error)

func Quote

func Quote(text string) string

func TypString

func TypString(t typ.Type) (string, error)

func Unreserved

func Unreserved(name string) (string, bool)

Unreserved returns the lowercase key and whether it is an unreserved identifier. If unreserved returns false the key must be escaped with double quotes.

func WithTx

func WithTx(db DB, f func(C) error) error

func WrapArg

func WrapArg(arg interface{}) interface{}

func WrapPtr

func WrapPtr(reg *lit.Reg, ptr interface{}) interface{}

func WriteCall

func WriteCall(w *Writer, env exp.Env, e *exp.Call) error

WriteCall writes the expression e to w using env or returns an error. Most xelf expressions with resolvers from the core or lib built-ins have a corresponding expression in postgresql. Custom resolvers can be rendered to sql by detecting and handling them before calling this function.

func WriteExp

func WriteExp(w *Writer, env exp.Env, e exp.Exp) error

WriteExp writes the element e to w or returns an error. This is used for explicit selectors for example.

func WriteLit

func WriteLit(b *Writer, l *exp.Lit) error

WriteLit renders the literal l to b or returns an error.

func WriteQuote

func WriteQuote(w *Writer, text string) error

WriteQuote quotes a string as a postgres string, all single quotes are use sql escaping.

func WriteVal

func WriteVal(b *Writer, t typ.Type, l lit.Val) error


type C

type C interface {
	Query(Ctx, string, ...interface{}) (pgx.Rows, error)
	QueryRow(Ctx, string, ...interface{}) pgx.Row
	Exec(Ctx, string, ...interface{}) (pgconn.CommandTag, error)
	CopyFrom(Ctx, pgx.Identifier, []string, pgx.CopyFromSource) (int64, error)

type Ctx

type Ctx = context.Context

type DB

type DB interface {
	Begin(Ctx) (pgx.Tx, error)

type ExpEnv

type ExpEnv struct{}

func (ExpEnv) Translate

func (ee ExpEnv) Translate(p *exp.Prog, env exp.Env, s *exp.Sym) (string, lit.Val, error)

type MutWrap

type MutWrap struct {
	Mut UnmarshalMut

func (*MutWrap) DecodeText

func (m *MutWrap) DecodeText(c *pgtype.ConnInfo, b []byte) error

func (*MutWrap) EncodeText

func (m *MutWrap) EncodeText(c *pgtype.ConnInfo, b []byte) ([]byte, error)

type Param

type Param struct {
	Name  string
	Type  typ.Type
	Value lit.Val

type Translator

type Translator interface {
	Translate(*exp.Prog, exp.Env, *exp.Sym) (string, lit.Val, error)

type UnmarshalMut

type UnmarshalMut interface {

type Writer

type Writer struct {
	Prog *exp.Prog
	Params []Param

func NewWriter

func NewWriter(b bfr.Writer, pr *dom.Project, p *exp.Prog, t Translator) *Writer

func (*Writer) Translate

func (w *Writer) Translate(p *exp.Prog, env exp.Env, s *exp.Sym) (string, lit.Val, error)


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