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Published: Oct 5, 2022 License: LGPL-2.1 Imports: 7 Imported by: 2




The xenlight package provides Go bindings to Xen's libxl C library via cgo. The package is currently in an unstable "experimental" state. This means the package is ready for initial use and evaluation, but is not yet fully functional. Namely, only a subset of libxl's API is implemented, and breaking changes may occur in future package versions.

Much of the package is generated using the libxl IDL. Changes to the generated code can be made by modifying tools/golang/xenlight/gengotypes.py in the xen.git tree.

Getting Started

import (

The module is not yet tagged independently of xen.git; if you don’t specify the version, you’ll get the most recent development version, which is probably not what you want. A better option would be to specify a Xen release tag; for instance:

go get xenbits.xenproject.org/git-http/xen.git/tools/golang/xenlight@RELEASE-4.14.0.



Package xenlight provides bindings to Xen's libxl C library.



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type ActionOnShutdown

type ActionOnShutdown int
const (
	ActionOnShutdownDestroy         ActionOnShutdown = 1
	ActionOnShutdownRestart         ActionOnShutdown = 2
	ActionOnShutdownRestartRename   ActionOnShutdown = 3
	ActionOnShutdownPreserve        ActionOnShutdown = 4
	ActionOnShutdownCoredumpDestroy ActionOnShutdown = 5
	ActionOnShutdownCoredumpRestart ActionOnShutdown = 6
	ActionOnShutdownSoftReset       ActionOnShutdown = 7

type Altp2MMode

type Altp2MMode int
const (
	Altp2MModeDisabled Altp2MMode = 0
	Altp2MModeMixed    Altp2MMode = 1
	Altp2MModeExternal Altp2MMode = 2
	Altp2MModeLimited  Altp2MMode = 3

type BiosType

type BiosType int
const (
	BiosTypeUnknown BiosType = 0
	BiosTypeRombios BiosType = 1
	BiosTypeSeabios BiosType = 2
	BiosTypeOvmf    BiosType = 3

type Bitmap

type Bitmap struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Bitmap represents a libxl_bitmap.

Implement the Go bitmap type such that the underlying data can easily be copied in and out. NB that we still have to do copies both directions, because cgo runtime restrictions forbid passing to a C function a pointer to a Go-allocated structure which contains a pointer.

func (Bitmap) And

func (a Bitmap) And(b Bitmap) (c Bitmap)

func (*Bitmap) Clear

func (bm *Bitmap) Clear(bit int)

func (*Bitmap) ClearRange

func (bm *Bitmap) ClearRange(start int, end int)

func (*Bitmap) IsEmpty

func (bm *Bitmap) IsEmpty() bool

func (*Bitmap) Max

func (bm *Bitmap) Max() int

func (*Bitmap) Set

func (bm *Bitmap) Set(bit int)

func (*Bitmap) SetRange

func (bm *Bitmap) SetRange(start int, end int)

func (Bitmap) String

func (bm Bitmap) String() (s string)

func (*Bitmap) Test

func (bm *Bitmap) Test(bit int) bool

type ChannelConnection

type ChannelConnection int
const (
	ChannelConnectionUnknown ChannelConnection = 0
	ChannelConnectionPty     ChannelConnection = 1
	ChannelConnectionSocket  ChannelConnection = 2

type Channelinfo

type Channelinfo struct {
	Backend         string
	BackendId       uint32
	Frontend        string
	FrontendId      uint32
	Devid           Devid
	State           int
	Evtch           int
	Rref            int
	Connection      ChannelConnection
	ConnectionUnion ChannelinfoConnectionUnion

func NewChannelinfo

func NewChannelinfo(connection ChannelConnection) (*Channelinfo, error)

NewChannelinfo returns an instance of Channelinfo initialized with defaults.

type ChannelinfoConnectionUnion

type ChannelinfoConnectionUnion interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type ChannelinfoConnectionUnionPty

type ChannelinfoConnectionUnionPty struct {
	Path string

type CheckpointedStream

type CheckpointedStream int
const (
	CheckpointedStreamNone  CheckpointedStream = 0
	CheckpointedStreamRemus CheckpointedStream = 1
	CheckpointedStreamColo  CheckpointedStream = 2

type ConnectorParam

type ConnectorParam struct {
	UniqueId string
	Width    uint32
	Height   uint32

func NewConnectorParam

func NewConnectorParam() (*ConnectorParam, error)

NewConnectorParam returns an instance of ConnectorParam initialized with defaults.

type Connectorinfo

type Connectorinfo struct {
	UniqueId string
	Width    uint32
	Height   uint32
	ReqEvtch int
	ReqRref  int
	EvtEvtch int
	EvtRref  int

func NewConnectorinfo

func NewConnectorinfo() (*Connectorinfo, error)

NewConnectorinfo returns an instance of Connectorinfo initialized with defaults.

type ConsoleType

type ConsoleType int
const (
	ConsoleTypeUnknown ConsoleType = 0
	ConsoleTypeSerial  ConsoleType = 1
	ConsoleTypePv      ConsoleType = 2
	ConsoleTypeVuart   ConsoleType = 3

func (ConsoleType) String

func (ct ConsoleType) String() (str string)

type Context

type Context struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Context represents a libxl_ctx.

func NewContext

func NewContext() (ctx *Context, err error)

NewContext returns a new Context.

func (*Context) Close

func (ctx *Context) Close() error

Close closes the Context.

func (*Context) ConsoleGetTty

func (ctx *Context) ConsoleGetTty(id Domid, consNum int, conType ConsoleType) (path string, err error)

int libxl_console_get_tty(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domid, int cons_num, libxl_console_type type, char **path);

func (*Context) CpupoolCpuadd

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolCpuadd(Poolid uint32, Cpu int) (err error)

int libxl_cpupool_cpuadd(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid, int cpu);

func (*Context) CpupoolCpuaddCpumap

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolCpuaddCpumap(Poolid uint32, Cpumap Bitmap) (err error)

int libxl_cpupool_cpuadd_cpumap(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid,

const libxl_bitmap *cpumap);

func (*Context) CpupoolCpuaddNode

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolCpuaddNode(Poolid uint32, Node int) (Cpus int, err error)

int libxl_cpupool_cpuadd_node(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid, int node, int *cpus);

func (*Context) CpupoolCpuremove

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolCpuremove(Poolid uint32, Cpu int) (err error)

int libxl_cpupool_cpuremove(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid, int cpu);

func (*Context) CpupoolCpuremoveCpumap

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolCpuremoveCpumap(Poolid uint32, Cpumap Bitmap) (err error)

int libxl_cpupool_cpuremove_cpumap(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid,

const libxl_bitmap *cpumap);

func (*Context) CpupoolCpuremoveNode

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolCpuremoveNode(Poolid uint32, Node int) (Cpus int, err error)

int libxl_cpupool_cpuremove_node(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid, int node, int *cpus);

func (*Context) CpupoolCreate

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolCreate(Name string, Scheduler Scheduler, Cpumap Bitmap) (err error, Poolid uint32)

int libxl_cpupool_create(libxl_ctx *ctx, const char *name,

libxl_scheduler sched,
libxl_bitmap cpumap, libxl_uuid *uuid,
uint32_t *poolid);

FIXME: uuid FIXME: Setting poolid

func (*Context) CpupoolDestroy

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolDestroy(Poolid uint32) (err error)

int libxl_cpupool_destroy(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid);

func (*Context) CpupoolFindByName

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolFindByName(name string) (info Cpupoolinfo, found bool)

Utility functions

func (*Context) CpupoolInfo

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolInfo(Poolid uint32) (pool Cpupoolinfo, err error)

int libxl_cpupool_info(libxl_ctx *ctx, libxl_cpupoolinfo *info, uint32_t poolid);

func (*Context) CpupoolMakeFree

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolMakeFree(Cpumap Bitmap) (err error)

func (*Context) CpupoolMovedomain

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolMovedomain(Poolid uint32, Id Domid) (err error)

int libxl_cpupool_movedomain(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t poolid, uint32_t domid);

func (*Context) CpupoolRename

func (ctx *Context) CpupoolRename(Name string, Poolid uint32) (err error)

int libxl_cpupool_rename(libxl_ctx *ctx, const char *name, uint32_t poolid);

func (*Context) DeviceNicAdd

func (ctx *Context) DeviceNicAdd(domid Domid, nic *DeviceNic) error

DeviceNicAdd adds a nic to a domain.

func (*Context) DeviceNicRemove

func (ctx *Context) DeviceNicRemove(domid Domid, nic *DeviceNic) error

DeviceNicRemove removes a nic from a domain.

func (*Context) DevicePciAdd

func (ctx *Context) DevicePciAdd(domid Domid, pci *DevicePci) error

DevicePciAdd is used to passthrough a PCI device to a domain.

func (*Context) DevicePciRemove

func (ctx *Context) DevicePciRemove(domid Domid, pci *DevicePci) error

DevicePciRemove removes a PCI device from a domain.

func (*Context) DeviceUsbdevAdd

func (ctx *Context) DeviceUsbdevAdd(domid Domid, usbdev *DeviceUsbdev) error

DeviceUsbdevAdd adds a USB device to a domain.

func (*Context) DeviceUsbdevRemove

func (ctx *Context) DeviceUsbdevRemove(domid Domid, usbdev *DeviceUsbdev) error

DeviceUsbdevRemove removes a USB device from a domain.

func (*Context) DomainCreateNew

func (ctx *Context) DomainCreateNew(config *DomainConfig) (Domid, error)

DomainCreateNew creates a new domain.

func (*Context) DomainDestroy

func (ctx *Context) DomainDestroy(domid Domid) error

DomainDestroy destroys a domain given a domid.

func (*Context) DomainInfo

func (ctx *Context) DomainInfo(Id Domid) (di *Dominfo, err error)

func (*Context) DomainPause

func (ctx *Context) DomainPause(id Domid) (err error)

int libxl_domain_pause(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domain);

func (*Context) DomainReboot

func (ctx *Context) DomainReboot(id Domid) (err error)

int libxl_domain_reboot(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domid);

func (*Context) DomainShutdown

func (ctx *Context) DomainShutdown(id Domid) (err error)

int libxl_domain_shutdown(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domid);

func (*Context) DomainUnpause

func (ctx *Context) DomainUnpause(Id Domid) (err error)

func (*Context) DomidToName

func (ctx *Context) DomidToName(domid Domid) string

DomidToName returns the name for a domain, given its domid. If there is no domain with the given domid, DomidToName will return the empty string.

DomidToName does not guarantee that the name (if any) associated with domid at the time DomidToName is called is the same as the name (if any) associated with domid at the time DomidToName returns.

func (*Context) GetFreeMemory

func (ctx *Context) GetFreeMemory() (memkb uint64, err error)

int libxl_get_free_memory(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint64_t *memkb);

func (*Context) GetMaxCpus

func (ctx *Context) GetMaxCpus() (maxCpus int, err error)

int libxl_get_max_cpus(libxl_ctx *ctx);

func (*Context) GetMaxNodes

func (ctx *Context) GetMaxNodes() (maxNodes int, err error)

int libxl_get_max_nodes(libxl_ctx *ctx);

func (*Context) GetOnlineCpus

func (ctx *Context) GetOnlineCpus() (onCpus int, err error)

int libxl_get_online_cpus(libxl_ctx *ctx);

func (*Context) GetPhysinfo

func (ctx *Context) GetPhysinfo() (physinfo *Physinfo, err error)

int libxl_get_physinfo(libxl_ctx *ctx, libxl_physinfo *physinfo)

func (*Context) GetVersionInfo

func (ctx *Context) GetVersionInfo() (info *VersionInfo, err error)

const libxl_version_info* libxl_get_version_info(libxl_ctx *ctx);

func (*Context) ListCpupool

func (ctx *Context) ListCpupool() (list []Cpupoolinfo)

libxl_cpupoolinfo * libxl_list_cpupool(libxl_ctx*, int *nb_pool_out); void libxl_cpupoolinfo_list_free(libxl_cpupoolinfo *list, int nb_pool);

func (*Context) ListDomain

func (ctx *Context) ListDomain() (glist []Dominfo)

libxl_dominfo * libxl_list_domain(libxl_ctx*, int *nb_domain_out); void libxl_dominfo_list_free(libxl_dominfo *list, int nb_domain);

func (*Context) ListVcpu

func (ctx *Context) ListVcpu(id Domid) (glist []Vcpuinfo)

libxl_vcpuinfo *libxl_list_vcpu(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domid,

int *nb_vcpu, int *nr_cpus_out);

void libxl_vcpuinfo_list_free(libxl_vcpuinfo *, int nr_vcpus);

func (*Context) NameToDomid

func (ctx *Context) NameToDomid(name string) (Domid, error)

NameToDomid returns the Domid for a domain, given its name, if it exists.

NameToDomid does not guarantee that the domid associated with name at the time NameToDomid is called is the same as the domid associated with name at the time NameToDomid returns.

func (*Context) PrimaryConsoleGetTty

func (ctx *Context) PrimaryConsoleGetTty(domid uint32) (path string, err error)

int libxl_primary_console_get_tty(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domid_vm,

char **path);

func (*Context) SendTrigger

func (ctx *Context) SendTrigger(domid Domid, trigger Trigger, vcpuid int) error

SendTrigger sends a Trigger to the domain specified by domid.

type CpuidPolicyList

type CpuidPolicyList string

CpuidPolicyList represents a libxl_cpuid_policy_list.

The value of CpuidPolicyList is honored when used as input to libxl. If a struct contains a field of type CpuidPolicyList, that field will be left empty when it is returned from libxl.

type Cpupoolinfo

type Cpupoolinfo struct {
	Poolid   uint32
	PoolName string
	Sched    Scheduler
	NDom     uint32
	Cpumap   Bitmap

func NewCpupoolinfo

func NewCpupoolinfo() (*Cpupoolinfo, error)

NewCpupoolinfo returns an instance of Cpupoolinfo initialized with defaults.

type Cputopology

type Cputopology struct {
	Core   uint32
	Socket uint32
	Node   uint32

func NewCputopology

func NewCputopology() (*Cputopology, error)

NewCputopology returns an instance of Cputopology initialized with defaults.

type Defbool

type Defbool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Defbool represents a libxl_defbool.

func (*Defbool) IsDefault

func (d *Defbool) IsDefault() bool

IsDefault returns true if the value of Defbool is default, returns false otherwise.

func (*Defbool) Set

func (d *Defbool) Set(b bool)

Set sets the value of the Defbool.

func (*Defbool) SetIfDefault

func (d *Defbool) SetIfDefault(b bool)

SetIfDefault sets the value of Defbool only if its current value is default.

func (Defbool) String

func (d Defbool) String() string

func (*Defbool) Unset

func (d *Defbool) Unset()

Unset resets the Defbool to default value.

func (*Defbool) Val

func (d *Defbool) Val() (bool, error)

Val returns the boolean value associated with the Defbool value. An error is returned if the value is default.

type DeviceChannel

type DeviceChannel struct {
	BackendDomid    Domid
	BackendDomname  string
	Devid           Devid
	Name            string
	Connection      ChannelConnection
	ConnectionUnion DeviceChannelConnectionUnion

func NewDeviceChannel

func NewDeviceChannel(connection ChannelConnection) (*DeviceChannel, error)

NewDeviceChannel returns an instance of DeviceChannel initialized with defaults.

type DeviceChannelConnectionUnion

type DeviceChannelConnectionUnion interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type DeviceChannelConnectionUnionSocket

type DeviceChannelConnectionUnionSocket struct {
	Path string

type DeviceDisk

type DeviceDisk struct {
	BackendDomid      Domid
	BackendDomname    string
	PdevPath          string
	Vdev              string
	Backend           DiskBackend
	Format            DiskFormat
	Script            string
	Removable         int
	Readwrite         int
	IsCdrom           int
	DirectIoSafe      bool
	DiscardEnable     Defbool
	Specification     DiskSpecification
	Transport         DiskTransport
	Irq               uint32
	Base              uint64
	ColoEnable        Defbool
	ColoRestoreEnable Defbool
	ColoHost          string
	ColoPort          int
	ColoExport        string
	ActiveDisk        string
	HiddenDisk        string
	Trusted           Defbool

func NewDeviceDisk

func NewDeviceDisk() (*DeviceDisk, error)

NewDeviceDisk returns an instance of DeviceDisk initialized with defaults.

type DeviceDtdev

type DeviceDtdev struct {
	Path string

func NewDeviceDtdev

func NewDeviceDtdev() (*DeviceDtdev, error)

NewDeviceDtdev returns an instance of DeviceDtdev initialized with defaults.

type DeviceModelVersion

type DeviceModelVersion int
const (
	DeviceModelVersionUnknown            DeviceModelVersion = 0
	DeviceModelVersionQemuXenTraditional DeviceModelVersion = 1
	DeviceModelVersionQemuXen            DeviceModelVersion = 2

type DeviceNic

type DeviceNic struct {
	BackendDomid                   Domid
	BackendDomname                 string
	Devid                          Devid
	Mtu                            int
	Model                          string
	Mac                            Mac
	Ip                             string
	Bridge                         string
	Ifname                         string
	Script                         string
	Nictype                        NicType
	RateBytesPerInterval           uint64
	RateIntervalUsecs              uint32
	Gatewaydev                     string
	ColoftForwarddev               string
	ColoSockMirrorId               string
	ColoSockMirrorIp               string
	ColoSockMirrorPort             string
	ColoSockComparePriInId         string
	ColoSockComparePriInIp         string
	ColoSockComparePriInPort       string
	ColoSockCompareSecInId         string
	ColoSockCompareSecInIp         string
	ColoSockCompareSecInPort       string
	ColoSockCompareNotifyId        string
	ColoSockCompareNotifyIp        string
	ColoSockCompareNotifyPort      string
	ColoSockRedirector0Id          string
	ColoSockRedirector0Ip          string
	ColoSockRedirector0Port        string
	ColoSockRedirector1Id          string
	ColoSockRedirector1Ip          string
	ColoSockRedirector1Port        string
	ColoSockRedirector2Id          string
	ColoSockRedirector2Ip          string
	ColoSockRedirector2Port        string
	ColoFilterMirrorQueue          string
	ColoFilterMirrorOutdev         string
	ColoFilterRedirector0Queue     string
	ColoFilterRedirector0Indev     string
	ColoFilterRedirector0Outdev    string
	ColoFilterRedirector1Queue     string
	ColoFilterRedirector1Indev     string
	ColoFilterRedirector1Outdev    string
	ColoComparePriIn               string
	ColoCompareSecIn               string
	ColoCompareOut                 string
	ColoCompareNotifyDev           string
	ColoSockSecRedirector0Id       string
	ColoSockSecRedirector0Ip       string
	ColoSockSecRedirector0Port     string
	ColoSockSecRedirector1Id       string
	ColoSockSecRedirector1Ip       string
	ColoSockSecRedirector1Port     string
	ColoFilterSecRedirector0Queue  string
	ColoFilterSecRedirector0Indev  string
	ColoFilterSecRedirector0Outdev string
	ColoFilterSecRedirector1Queue  string
	ColoFilterSecRedirector1Indev  string
	ColoFilterSecRedirector1Outdev string
	ColoFilterSecRewriter0Queue    string
	ColoCheckpointHost             string
	ColoCheckpointPort             string
	Trusted                        Defbool

func NewDeviceNic

func NewDeviceNic() (*DeviceNic, error)

NewDeviceNic returns an instance of DeviceNic initialized with defaults.

type DeviceP9

type DeviceP9 struct {
	BackendDomid   Domid
	BackendDomname string
	Tag            string
	Path           string
	SecurityModel  string
	Devid          Devid

func NewDeviceP9

func NewDeviceP9() (*DeviceP9, error)

NewDeviceP9 returns an instance of DeviceP9 initialized with defaults.

type DevicePci

type DevicePci struct {
	Func         byte
	Dev          byte
	Bus          byte
	Domain       int
	Vdevfn       uint32
	VfuncMask    uint32
	Msitranslate bool
	PowerMgmt    bool
	Permissive   bool
	Seize        bool
	RdmPolicy    RdmReservePolicy
	Name         string

func NewDevicePci

func NewDevicePci() (*DevicePci, error)

NewDevicePci returns an instance of DevicePci initialized with defaults.

type DevicePvcallsif

type DevicePvcallsif struct {
	BackendDomid   Domid
	BackendDomname string
	Devid          Devid

func NewDevicePvcallsif

func NewDevicePvcallsif() (*DevicePvcallsif, error)

NewDevicePvcallsif returns an instance of DevicePvcallsif initialized with defaults.

type DeviceRdm

type DeviceRdm struct {
	Start  uint64
	Size   uint64
	Policy RdmReservePolicy

func NewDeviceRdm

func NewDeviceRdm() (*DeviceRdm, error)

NewDeviceRdm returns an instance of DeviceRdm initialized with defaults.

type DeviceUsbctrl

type DeviceUsbctrl struct {
	Type           UsbctrlType
	Devid          Devid
	Version        int
	Ports          int
	BackendDomid   Domid
	BackendDomname string

func NewDeviceUsbctrl

func NewDeviceUsbctrl() (*DeviceUsbctrl, error)

NewDeviceUsbctrl returns an instance of DeviceUsbctrl initialized with defaults.

type DeviceUsbdev

type DeviceUsbdev struct {
	Ctrl      Devid
	Port      int
	Type      UsbdevType
	TypeUnion DeviceUsbdevTypeUnion

func NewDeviceUsbdev

func NewDeviceUsbdev(utype UsbdevType) (*DeviceUsbdev, error)

NewDeviceUsbdev returns an instance of DeviceUsbdev initialized with defaults.

type DeviceUsbdevTypeUnion

type DeviceUsbdevTypeUnion interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type DeviceUsbdevTypeUnionHostdev

type DeviceUsbdevTypeUnionHostdev struct {
	Hostbus  byte
	Hostaddr byte

type DeviceVdispl

type DeviceVdispl struct {
	BackendDomid   Domid
	BackendDomname string
	Devid          Devid
	BeAlloc        bool
	Connectors     []ConnectorParam

func NewDeviceVdispl

func NewDeviceVdispl() (*DeviceVdispl, error)

NewDeviceVdispl returns an instance of DeviceVdispl initialized with defaults.

type DeviceVfb

type DeviceVfb struct {
	BackendDomid   Domid
	BackendDomname string
	Devid          Devid
	Vnc            VncInfo
	Sdl            SdlInfo
	Keymap         string

func NewDeviceVfb

func NewDeviceVfb() (*DeviceVfb, error)

NewDeviceVfb returns an instance of DeviceVfb initialized with defaults.

type DeviceVkb

type DeviceVkb struct {
	BackendDomid           Domid
	BackendDomname         string
	Devid                  Devid
	BackendType            VkbBackend
	UniqueId               string
	FeatureDisableKeyboard bool
	FeatureDisablePointer  bool
	FeatureAbsPointer      bool
	FeatureRawPointer      bool
	FeatureMultiTouch      bool
	Width                  uint32
	Height                 uint32
	MultiTouchWidth        uint32
	MultiTouchHeight       uint32
	MultiTouchNumContacts  uint32

func NewDeviceVkb

func NewDeviceVkb() (*DeviceVkb, error)

NewDeviceVkb returns an instance of DeviceVkb initialized with defaults.

type DeviceVsnd

type DeviceVsnd struct {
	BackendDomid   Domid
	BackendDomname string
	Devid          Devid
	ShortName      string
	LongName       string
	Params         VsndParams
	Pcms           []VsndPcm

func NewDeviceVsnd

func NewDeviceVsnd() (*DeviceVsnd, error)

NewDeviceVsnd returns an instance of DeviceVsnd initialized with defaults.

type DeviceVtpm

type DeviceVtpm struct {
	BackendDomid   Domid
	BackendDomname string
	Devid          Devid
	Uuid           Uuid

func NewDeviceVtpm

func NewDeviceVtpm() (*DeviceVtpm, error)

NewDeviceVtpm returns an instance of DeviceVtpm initialized with defaults.

type Devid

type Devid int

Devid is a device ID.

type DiskBackend

type DiskBackend int
const (
	DiskBackendUnknown    DiskBackend = 0
	DiskBackendPhy        DiskBackend = 1
	DiskBackendTap        DiskBackend = 2
	DiskBackendQdisk      DiskBackend = 3
	DiskBackendStandalone DiskBackend = 4

type DiskFormat

type DiskFormat int
const (
	DiskFormatUnknown DiskFormat = 0
	DiskFormatQcow    DiskFormat = 1
	DiskFormatQcow2   DiskFormat = 2
	DiskFormatVhd     DiskFormat = 3
	DiskFormatRaw     DiskFormat = 4
	DiskFormatEmpty   DiskFormat = 5
	DiskFormatQed     DiskFormat = 6

type DiskSpecification

type DiskSpecification int
const (
	DiskSpecificationUnknown DiskSpecification = 0
	DiskSpecificationXen     DiskSpecification = 1
	DiskSpecificationVirtio  DiskSpecification = 2

type DiskTransport

type DiskTransport int
const (
	DiskTransportUnknown DiskTransport = 0
	DiskTransportMmio    DiskTransport = 1

type Diskinfo

type Diskinfo struct {
	Backend    string
	BackendId  uint32
	Frontend   string
	FrontendId uint32
	Devid      Devid
	State      int
	Evtch      int
	Rref       int

func NewDiskinfo

func NewDiskinfo() (*Diskinfo, error)

NewDiskinfo returns an instance of Diskinfo initialized with defaults.

type DomainBuildInfo

type DomainBuildInfo struct {
	MaxVcpus              int
	AvailVcpus            Bitmap
	Cpumap                Bitmap
	Nodemap               Bitmap
	VcpuHardAffinity      []Bitmap
	VcpuSoftAffinity      []Bitmap
	NumaPlacement         Defbool
	TscMode               TscMode
	MaxMemkb              uint64
	TargetMemkb           uint64
	VideoMemkb            uint64
	ShadowMemkb           uint64
	IommuMemkb            uint64
	RtcTimeoffset         uint32
	ExecSsidref           uint32
	ExecSsidLabel         string
	Localtime             Defbool
	DisableMigrate        Defbool
	Cpuid                 CpuidPolicyList
	BlkdevStart           string
	VnumaNodes            []VnodeInfo
	MaxGrantFrames        uint32
	MaxMaptrackFrames     uint32
	MaxGrantVersion       int
	DeviceModelVersion    DeviceModelVersion
	DeviceModelStubdomain Defbool
	StubdomainMemkb       uint64
	StubdomainKernel      string
	StubdomainCmdline     string
	StubdomainRamdisk     string
	DeviceModel           string
	DeviceModelSsidref    uint32
	DeviceModelSsidLabel  string
	DeviceModelUser       string
	Extra                 StringList
	ExtraPv               StringList
	ExtraHvm              StringList
	SchedParams           DomainSchedParams
	Ioports               []IoportRange
	Irqs                  []uint32
	Iomem                 []IomemRange
	ClaimMode             Defbool
	EventChannels         uint32
	Kernel                string
	Cmdline               string
	Ramdisk               string
	DeviceTree            string
	Acpi                  Defbool
	Bootloader            string
	BootloaderArgs        StringList
	TimerMode             TimerMode
	NestedHvm             Defbool
	Apic                  Defbool
	DmRestrict            Defbool
	Tee                   TeeType
	Type                  DomainType
	TypeUnion             DomainBuildInfoTypeUnion
	ArchArm               struct {
		GicVersion GicVersion
		Vuart      VuartType
	ArchX86 struct {
		MsrRelaxed     Defbool
		AssistedXapic  Defbool
		AssistedX2Apic Defbool
	Altp2M       Altp2MMode
	VmtraceBufKb int
	Vpmu         Defbool

func NewDomainBuildInfo

func NewDomainBuildInfo(dtype DomainType) (*DomainBuildInfo, error)

NewDomainBuildInfo returns an instance of DomainBuildInfo initialized with defaults.

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnion

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnion interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnionHvm

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnionHvm struct {
	Firmware            string
	Bios                BiosType
	Pae                 Defbool
	Apic                Defbool
	Acpi                Defbool
	AcpiS3              Defbool
	AcpiS4              Defbool
	AcpiLaptopSlate     Defbool
	Nx                  Defbool
	Viridian            Defbool
	ViridianEnable      Bitmap
	ViridianDisable     Bitmap
	Timeoffset          string
	Hpet                Defbool
	VptAlign            Defbool
	MmioHoleMemkb       uint64
	TimerMode           TimerMode
	NestedHvm           Defbool
	Altp2M              Defbool
	SystemFirmware      string
	SmbiosFirmware      string
	AcpiFirmware        string
	Hdtype              Hdtype
	Nographic           Defbool
	Vga                 VgaInterfaceInfo
	Vnc                 VncInfo
	Keymap              string
	Sdl                 SdlInfo
	Spice               SpiceInfo
	GfxPassthru         Defbool
	GfxPassthruKind     GfxPassthruKind
	Serial              string
	Boot                string
	Usb                 Defbool
	Usbversion          int
	Usbdevice           string
	VkbDevice           Defbool
	Soundhw             string
	XenPlatformPci      Defbool
	UsbdeviceList       StringList
	VendorDevice        VendorDevice
	MsVmGenid           MsVmGenid
	SerialList          StringList
	Rdm                 RdmReserve
	RdmMemBoundaryMemkb uint64
	McaCaps             uint64

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnionPv

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnionPv struct {
	Kernel         string
	SlackMemkb     uint64
	Bootloader     string
	BootloaderArgs StringList
	Cmdline        string
	Ramdisk        string
	Features       string
	E820Host       Defbool

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnionPvh

type DomainBuildInfoTypeUnionPvh struct {
	Pvshim        Defbool
	PvshimPath    string
	PvshimCmdline string
	PvshimExtra   string

type DomainConfig

type DomainConfig struct {
	CInfo       DomainCreateInfo
	BInfo       DomainBuildInfo
	Disks       []DeviceDisk
	Nics        []DeviceNic
	Pcidevs     []DevicePci
	Rdms        []DeviceRdm
	Dtdevs      []DeviceDtdev
	Vfbs        []DeviceVfb
	Vkbs        []DeviceVkb
	Vtpms       []DeviceVtpm
	P9S         []DeviceP9
	Pvcallsifs  []DevicePvcallsif
	Vdispls     []DeviceVdispl
	Vsnds       []DeviceVsnd
	Channels    []DeviceChannel
	Usbctrls    []DeviceUsbctrl
	Usbdevs     []DeviceUsbdev
	OnPoweroff  ActionOnShutdown
	OnReboot    ActionOnShutdown
	OnWatchdog  ActionOnShutdown
	OnCrash     ActionOnShutdown
	OnSoftReset ActionOnShutdown

func NewDomainConfig

func NewDomainConfig() (*DomainConfig, error)

NewDomainConfig returns an instance of DomainConfig initialized with defaults.

type DomainCreateInfo

type DomainCreateInfo struct {
	Type                    DomainType
	Hap                     Defbool
	Oos                     Defbool
	Ssidref                 uint32
	SsidLabel               string
	Name                    string
	Domid                   Domid
	Uuid                    Uuid
	Xsdata                  KeyValueList
	Platformdata            KeyValueList
	Poolid                  uint32
	PoolName                string
	RunHotplugScripts       Defbool
	DriverDomain            Defbool
	Passthrough             Passthrough
	XendSuspendEvtchnCompat Defbool

func NewDomainCreateInfo

func NewDomainCreateInfo() (*DomainCreateInfo, error)

NewDomainCreateInfo returns an instance of DomainCreateInfo initialized with defaults.

type DomainRemusInfo

type DomainRemusInfo struct {
	Interval           int
	AllowUnsafe        Defbool
	Blackhole          Defbool
	Compression        Defbool
	Netbuf             Defbool
	Netbufscript       string
	Diskbuf            Defbool
	Colo               Defbool
	UserspaceColoProxy Defbool

func NewDomainRemusInfo

func NewDomainRemusInfo() (*DomainRemusInfo, error)

NewDomainRemusInfo returns an instance of DomainRemusInfo initialized with defaults.

type DomainRestoreParams

type DomainRestoreParams struct {
	CheckpointedStream int
	StreamVersion      uint32
	ColoProxyScript    string
	UserspaceColoProxy Defbool

func NewDomainRestoreParams

func NewDomainRestoreParams() (*DomainRestoreParams, error)

NewDomainRestoreParams returns an instance of DomainRestoreParams initialized with defaults.

type DomainSchedParams

type DomainSchedParams struct {
	Sched     Scheduler
	Weight    int
	Cap       int
	Period    int
	Budget    int
	Extratime int
	Slice     int
	Latency   int

func NewDomainSchedParams

func NewDomainSchedParams() (*DomainSchedParams, error)

NewDomainSchedParams returns an instance of DomainSchedParams initialized with defaults.

type DomainType

type DomainType int
const (
	DomainTypeInvalid DomainType = -1
	DomainTypeHvm     DomainType = 1
	DomainTypePv      DomainType = 2
	DomainTypePvh     DomainType = 3

func (DomainType) String

func (dt DomainType) String() (str string)

type Domid

type Domid uint32
const (
	DomidInvalid Domid = Domid(C.INVALID_DOMID_TYPED)

type Dominfo

type Dominfo struct {
	Uuid             Uuid
	Domid            Domid
	Ssidref          uint32
	SsidLabel        string
	Running          bool
	Blocked          bool
	Paused           bool
	Shutdown         bool
	Dying            bool
	NeverStop        bool
	ShutdownReason   ShutdownReason
	OutstandingMemkb uint64
	CurrentMemkb     uint64
	SharedMemkb      uint64
	PagedMemkb       uint64
	MaxMemkb         uint64
	CpuTime          uint64
	VcpuMaxId        uint32
	VcpuOnline       uint32
	Cpupool          uint32
	GpaddrBits       byte
	DomainType       DomainType

func NewDominfo

func NewDominfo() (*Dominfo, error)

NewDominfo returns an instance of Dominfo initialized with defaults.

type Error

type Error int
const (
	ErrorNonspecific                  Error = -1
	ErrorVersion                      Error = -2
	ErrorFail                         Error = -3
	ErrorNi                           Error = -4
	ErrorNomem                        Error = -5
	ErrorInval                        Error = -6
	ErrorBadfail                      Error = -7
	ErrorGuestTimedout                Error = -8
	ErrorTimedout                     Error = -9
	ErrorNoparavirt                   Error = -10
	ErrorNotReady                     Error = -11
	ErrorOseventRegFail               Error = -12
	ErrorBufferfull                   Error = -13
	ErrorUnknownChild                 Error = -14
	ErrorLockFail                     Error = -15
	ErrorJsonConfigEmpty              Error = -16
	ErrorDeviceExists                 Error = -17
	ErrorCheckpointDevopsDoesNotMatch Error = -18
	ErrorCheckpointDeviceNotSupported Error = -19
	ErrorVnumaConfigInvalid           Error = -20
	ErrorDomainNotfound               Error = -21
	ErrorAborted                      Error = -22
	ErrorNotfound                     Error = -23
	ErrorDomainDestroyed              Error = -24
	ErrorFeatureRemoved               Error = -25
	ErrorProtocolErrorQmp             Error = -26
	ErrorUnknownQmpError              Error = -27
	ErrorQmpGenericError              Error = -28
	ErrorQmpCommandNotFound           Error = -29
	ErrorQmpDeviceNotActive           Error = -30
	ErrorQmpDeviceNotFound            Error = -31
	ErrorQemuApi                      Error = -32

func (Error) Error

func (e Error) Error() string
type EvLink struct{}

EvLink represents a libxl_ev_link.

Represented as an empty struct for now, as there is no apparent need for the internals of this type to be exposed through the Go package.

type Event

type Event struct {
	Link      EvLink
	Domid     Domid
	Domuuid   Uuid
	ForUser   uint64
	Type      EventType
	TypeUnion EventTypeUnion

func NewEvent

func NewEvent(etype EventType) (*Event, error)

NewEvent returns an instance of Event initialized with defaults.

type EventType

type EventType int
const (
	EventTypeDomainShutdown               EventType = 1
	EventTypeDomainDeath                  EventType = 2
	EventTypeDiskEject                    EventType = 3
	EventTypeOperationComplete            EventType = 4
	EventTypeDomainCreateConsoleAvailable EventType = 5

type EventTypeUnion

type EventTypeUnion interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type EventTypeUnionDiskEject

type EventTypeUnionDiskEject struct {
	Vdev string
	Disk DeviceDisk

type EventTypeUnionDomainShutdown

type EventTypeUnionDomainShutdown struct {
	ShutdownReason byte

type EventTypeUnionOperationComplete

type EventTypeUnionOperationComplete struct {
	Rc int

type GfxPassthruKind

type GfxPassthruKind int
const (
	GfxPassthruKindDefault GfxPassthruKind = 0
	GfxPassthruKindIgd     GfxPassthruKind = 1

type GicVersion

type GicVersion int
const (
	GicVersionDefault GicVersion = 0
	GicVersionV2      GicVersion = 32
	GicVersionV3      GicVersion = 48

type Hdtype

type Hdtype int
const (
	HdtypeIde  Hdtype = 1
	HdtypeAhci Hdtype = 2

type Hwcap

type Hwcap [8]uint32

Hwcap represents a libxl_hwcap.

type IomemRange

type IomemRange struct {
	Start  uint64
	Number uint64
	Gfn    uint64

func NewIomemRange

func NewIomemRange() (*IomemRange, error)

NewIomemRange returns an instance of IomemRange initialized with defaults.

type IoportRange

type IoportRange struct {
	First  uint32
	Number uint32

func NewIoportRange

func NewIoportRange() (*IoportRange, error)

NewIoportRange returns an instance of IoportRange initialized with defaults.

type KeyValueList

type KeyValueList struct{}

KeyValueList represents a libxl_key_value_list.

Represented as an empty struct for now, as there is no apparent need for this type to be exposed through the Go package.

type Mac

type Mac [6]byte

Mac represents a libxl_mac, or simply a MAC address.

func (Mac) String

func (mac Mac) String() string

String formats a Mac address to string representation.

type MsVmGenid

type MsVmGenid [int(C.LIBXL_MS_VM_GENID_LEN)]byte

MsVmGenid represents a libxl_ms_vm_genid.

type NicType

type NicType int
const (
	NicTypeUnknown  NicType = 0
	NicTypeVifIoemu NicType = 1
	NicTypeVif      NicType = 2

type Nicinfo

type Nicinfo struct {
	Backend    string
	BackendId  uint32
	Frontend   string
	FrontendId uint32
	Devid      Devid
	State      int
	Evtch      int
	RrefTx     int
	RrefRx     int

func NewNicinfo

func NewNicinfo() (*Nicinfo, error)

NewNicinfo returns an instance of Nicinfo initialized with defaults.

type Numainfo

type Numainfo struct {
	Size  uint64
	Free  uint64
	Dists []uint32

func NewNumainfo

func NewNumainfo() (*Numainfo, error)

NewNumainfo returns an instance of Numainfo initialized with defaults.

type Passthrough

type Passthrough int
const (
	PassthroughDefault  Passthrough = 0
	PassthroughDisabled Passthrough = 1
	PassthroughEnabled  Passthrough = 2
	PassthroughSyncPt   Passthrough = 3
	PassthroughSharePt  Passthrough = 4

type Pcitopology

type Pcitopology struct {
	Seg   uint16
	Bus   byte
	Devfn byte
	Node  uint32

func NewPcitopology

func NewPcitopology() (*Pcitopology, error)

NewPcitopology returns an instance of Pcitopology initialized with defaults.

type Pcminfo

type Pcminfo struct {
	Streams []Streaminfo

func NewPcminfo

func NewPcminfo() (*Pcminfo, error)

NewPcminfo returns an instance of Pcminfo initialized with defaults.

type Physinfo

type Physinfo struct {
	ThreadsPerCore     uint32
	CoresPerSocket     uint32
	MaxCpuId           uint32
	NrCpus             uint32
	CpuKhz             uint32
	TotalPages         uint64
	FreePages          uint64
	ScrubPages         uint64
	OutstandingPages   uint64
	SharingFreedPages  uint64
	SharingUsedFrames  uint64
	MaxPossibleMfn     uint64
	NrNodes            uint32
	HwCap              Hwcap
	CapHvm             bool
	CapPv              bool
	CapHvmDirectio     bool
	CapHap             bool
	CapShadow          bool
	CapIommuHapPtShare bool
	CapVmtrace         bool
	CapVpmu            bool
	CapGnttabV1        bool
	CapGnttabV2        bool
	CapAssistedXapic   bool
	CapAssistedX2Apic  bool

func NewPhysinfo

func NewPhysinfo() (*Physinfo, error)

NewPhysinfo returns an instance of Physinfo initialized with defaults.

type PsrCatInfo

type PsrCatInfo struct {
	Id         uint32
	CosMax     uint32
	CbmLen     uint32
	CdpEnabled bool

func NewPsrCatInfo

func NewPsrCatInfo() (*PsrCatInfo, error)

NewPsrCatInfo returns an instance of PsrCatInfo initialized with defaults.

type PsrCbmType

type PsrCbmType int
const (
	PsrCbmTypeUnknown   PsrCbmType = 0
	PsrCbmTypeL3Cbm     PsrCbmType = 1
	PsrCbmTypeL3CbmCode PsrCbmType = 2
	PsrCbmTypeL3CbmData PsrCbmType = 3
	PsrCbmTypeL2Cbm     PsrCbmType = 4
	PsrCbmTypeMbaThrtl  PsrCbmType = 5

type PsrCmtType

type PsrCmtType int
const (
	PsrCmtTypeCacheOccupancy PsrCmtType = 1
	PsrCmtTypeTotalMemCount  PsrCmtType = 2
	PsrCmtTypeLocalMemCount  PsrCmtType = 3

type PsrFeatType

type PsrFeatType int
const (
	PsrFeatTypeCat PsrFeatType = 1
	PsrFeatTypeMba PsrFeatType = 2

type PsrHwInfo

type PsrHwInfo struct {
	Id        uint32
	Type      PsrFeatType
	TypeUnion PsrHwInfoTypeUnion

func NewPsrHwInfo

func NewPsrHwInfo(ptype PsrFeatType) (*PsrHwInfo, error)

NewPsrHwInfo returns an instance of PsrHwInfo initialized with defaults.

type PsrHwInfoTypeUnion

type PsrHwInfoTypeUnion interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type PsrHwInfoTypeUnionCat

type PsrHwInfoTypeUnionCat struct {
	CosMax     uint32
	CbmLen     uint32
	CdpEnabled bool

type PsrHwInfoTypeUnionMba

type PsrHwInfoTypeUnionMba struct {
	CosMax   uint32
	ThrtlMax uint32
	Linear   bool

type RdmReserve

type RdmReserve struct {
	Strategy RdmReserveStrategy
	Policy   RdmReservePolicy

func NewRdmReserve

func NewRdmReserve() (*RdmReserve, error)

NewRdmReserve returns an instance of RdmReserve initialized with defaults.

type RdmReservePolicy

type RdmReservePolicy int
const (
	RdmReservePolicyInvalid RdmReservePolicy = -1
	RdmReservePolicyStrict  RdmReservePolicy = 0
	RdmReservePolicyRelaxed RdmReservePolicy = 1

type RdmReserveStrategy

type RdmReserveStrategy int
const (
	RdmReserveStrategyIgnore RdmReserveStrategy = 0
	RdmReserveStrategyHost   RdmReserveStrategy = 1

type SchedCredit2Params

type SchedCredit2Params struct {
	RatelimitUs int

func NewSchedCredit2Params

func NewSchedCredit2Params() (*SchedCredit2Params, error)

NewSchedCredit2Params returns an instance of SchedCredit2Params initialized with defaults.

type SchedCreditParams

type SchedCreditParams struct {
	TsliceMs        int
	RatelimitUs     int
	VcpuMigrDelayUs int

func NewSchedCreditParams

func NewSchedCreditParams() (*SchedCreditParams, error)

NewSchedCreditParams returns an instance of SchedCreditParams initialized with defaults.

type SchedParams

type SchedParams struct {
	Vcpuid    int
	Weight    int
	Cap       int
	Period    int
	Extratime int
	Budget    int

func NewSchedParams

func NewSchedParams() (*SchedParams, error)

NewSchedParams returns an instance of SchedParams initialized with defaults.

type Scheduler

type Scheduler int
const (
	SchedulerUnknown  Scheduler = 0
	SchedulerSedf     Scheduler = 4
	SchedulerCredit   Scheduler = 5
	SchedulerCredit2  Scheduler = 6
	SchedulerArinc653 Scheduler = 7
	SchedulerRtds     Scheduler = 8
	SchedulerNull     Scheduler = 9

func SchedulerFromString

func SchedulerFromString(name string) (s Scheduler, err error)

func (*Scheduler) FromString

func (s *Scheduler) FromString(gstr string) (err error)

int libxl_scheduler_from_string(const char *s, libxl_scheduler *e);

func (Scheduler) String

func (s Scheduler) String() string

const char *libxl_scheduler_to_string(libxl_scheduler p);

type SdlInfo

type SdlInfo struct {
	Enable     Defbool
	Opengl     Defbool
	Display    string
	Xauthority string

func NewSdlInfo

func NewSdlInfo() (*SdlInfo, error)

NewSdlInfo returns an instance of SdlInfo initialized with defaults.

type ShutdownReason

type ShutdownReason int
const (
	ShutdownReasonUnknown   ShutdownReason = -1
	ShutdownReasonPoweroff  ShutdownReason = 0
	ShutdownReasonReboot    ShutdownReason = 1
	ShutdownReasonSuspend   ShutdownReason = 2
	ShutdownReasonCrash     ShutdownReason = 3
	ShutdownReasonWatchdog  ShutdownReason = 4
	ShutdownReasonSoftReset ShutdownReason = 5

func (ShutdownReason) String

func (sr ShutdownReason) String() (str string)

type SpiceInfo

type SpiceInfo struct {
	Enable           Defbool
	Port             int
	TlsPort          int
	Host             string
	DisableTicketing Defbool
	Passwd           string
	AgentMouse       Defbool
	Vdagent          Defbool
	ClipboardSharing Defbool
	Usbredirection   int
	ImageCompression string
	StreamingVideo   string

func NewSpiceInfo

func NewSpiceInfo() (*SpiceInfo, error)

NewSpiceInfo returns an instance of SpiceInfo initialized with defaults.

type Streaminfo

type Streaminfo struct {
	ReqEvtch int
	ReqRref  int

func NewStreaminfo

func NewStreaminfo() (*Streaminfo, error)

NewStreaminfo returns an instance of Streaminfo initialized with defaults.

type StringList

type StringList []string

StringList represents a libxl_string_list.

type TeeType

type TeeType int
const (
	TeeTypeNone  TeeType = 0
	TeeTypeOptee TeeType = 1

type TimerMode

type TimerMode int
const (
	TimerModeUnknown               TimerMode = -1
	TimerModeDelayForMissedTicks   TimerMode = 0
	TimerModeNoDelayForMissedTicks TimerMode = 1
	TimerModeNoMissedTicksPending  TimerMode = 2
	TimerModeOneMissedTickPending  TimerMode = 3

type Trigger

type Trigger int
const (
	TriggerUnknown  Trigger = 0
	TriggerPower    Trigger = 1
	TriggerSleep    Trigger = 2
	TriggerNmi      Trigger = 3
	TriggerInit     Trigger = 4
	TriggerReset    Trigger = 5
	TriggerS3Resume Trigger = 6

type TscMode

type TscMode int
const (
	TscModeDefault        TscMode = 0
	TscModeAlwaysEmulate  TscMode = 1
	TscModeNative         TscMode = 2
	TscModeNativeParavirt TscMode = 3

type UsbctrlType

type UsbctrlType int
const (
	UsbctrlTypeAuto        UsbctrlType = 0
	UsbctrlTypePv          UsbctrlType = 1
	UsbctrlTypeDevicemodel UsbctrlType = 2
	UsbctrlTypeQusb        UsbctrlType = 3

type Usbctrlinfo

type Usbctrlinfo struct {
	Type       UsbctrlType
	Devid      Devid
	Version    int
	Ports      int
	Backend    string
	BackendId  uint32
	Frontend   string
	FrontendId uint32
	State      int
	Evtch      int
	RefUrb     int
	RefConn    int

func NewUsbctrlinfo

func NewUsbctrlinfo() (*Usbctrlinfo, error)

NewUsbctrlinfo returns an instance of Usbctrlinfo initialized with defaults.

type UsbdevType

type UsbdevType int
const (
	UsbdevTypeHostdev UsbdevType = 1

type Uuid

type Uuid [16]byte

Uuid is a domain UUID.

func (Uuid) String

func (u Uuid) String() string

String formats a Uuid in the form "xxxx-xx-xx-xx-xxxxxx".

type VcpuSchedParams

type VcpuSchedParams struct {
	Sched Scheduler
	Vcpus []SchedParams

func NewVcpuSchedParams

func NewVcpuSchedParams() (*VcpuSchedParams, error)

NewVcpuSchedParams returns an instance of VcpuSchedParams initialized with defaults.

type Vcpuinfo

type Vcpuinfo struct {
	Vcpuid     uint32
	Cpu        uint32
	Online     bool
	Blocked    bool
	Running    bool
	VcpuTime   uint64
	Cpumap     Bitmap
	CpumapSoft Bitmap

func NewVcpuinfo

func NewVcpuinfo() (*Vcpuinfo, error)

NewVcpuinfo returns an instance of Vcpuinfo initialized with defaults.

type Vdisplinfo

type Vdisplinfo struct {
	Backend    string
	BackendId  uint32
	Frontend   string
	FrontendId uint32
	Devid      Devid
	State      int
	BeAlloc    bool
	Connectors []Connectorinfo

func NewVdisplinfo

func NewVdisplinfo() (*Vdisplinfo, error)

NewVdisplinfo returns an instance of Vdisplinfo initialized with defaults.

type VendorDevice

type VendorDevice int
const (
	VendorDeviceNone      VendorDevice = 0
	VendorDeviceXenserver VendorDevice = 1

type VersionInfo

type VersionInfo struct {
	XenVersionMajor int
	XenVersionMinor int
	XenVersionExtra string
	Compiler        string
	CompileBy       string
	CompileDomain   string
	CompileDate     string
	Capabilities    string
	Changeset       string
	VirtStart       uint64
	Pagesize        int
	Commandline     string
	BuildId         string

func NewVersionInfo

func NewVersionInfo() (*VersionInfo, error)

NewVersionInfo returns an instance of VersionInfo initialized with defaults.

type VgaInterfaceInfo

type VgaInterfaceInfo struct {
	Kind VgaInterfaceType

func NewVgaInterfaceInfo

func NewVgaInterfaceInfo() (*VgaInterfaceInfo, error)

NewVgaInterfaceInfo returns an instance of VgaInterfaceInfo initialized with defaults.

type VgaInterfaceType

type VgaInterfaceType int
const (
	VgaInterfaceTypeUnknown VgaInterfaceType = 0
	VgaInterfaceTypeCirrus  VgaInterfaceType = 1
	VgaInterfaceTypeStd     VgaInterfaceType = 2
	VgaInterfaceTypeNone    VgaInterfaceType = 3
	VgaInterfaceTypeQxl     VgaInterfaceType = 4

type ViridianEnlightenment

type ViridianEnlightenment int
const (
	ViridianEnlightenmentBase                ViridianEnlightenment = 0
	ViridianEnlightenmentFreq                ViridianEnlightenment = 1
	ViridianEnlightenmentTimeRefCount        ViridianEnlightenment = 2
	ViridianEnlightenmentReferenceTsc        ViridianEnlightenment = 3
	ViridianEnlightenmentHcallRemoteTlbFlush ViridianEnlightenment = 4
	ViridianEnlightenmentApicAssist          ViridianEnlightenment = 5
	ViridianEnlightenmentCrashCtl            ViridianEnlightenment = 6
	ViridianEnlightenmentSynic               ViridianEnlightenment = 7
	ViridianEnlightenmentStimer              ViridianEnlightenment = 8
	ViridianEnlightenmentHcallIpi            ViridianEnlightenment = 9
	ViridianEnlightenmentExProcessorMasks    ViridianEnlightenment = 10
	ViridianEnlightenmentNoVpLimit           ViridianEnlightenment = 11
	ViridianEnlightenmentCpuHotplug          ViridianEnlightenment = 12

type VkbBackend

type VkbBackend int
const (
	VkbBackendUnknown VkbBackend = 0
	VkbBackendQemu    VkbBackend = 1
	VkbBackendLinux   VkbBackend = 2

type Vkbinfo

type Vkbinfo struct {
	Backend    string
	BackendId  uint32
	Frontend   string
	FrontendId uint32
	Devid      Devid
	State      int
	Evtch      int
	Rref       int

func NewVkbinfo

func NewVkbinfo() (*Vkbinfo, error)

NewVkbinfo returns an instance of Vkbinfo initialized with defaults.

type Vminfo

type Vminfo struct {
	Uuid  Uuid
	Domid Domid

func NewVminfo

func NewVminfo() (*Vminfo, error)

NewVminfo returns an instance of Vminfo initialized with defaults.

type VncInfo

type VncInfo struct {
	Enable     Defbool
	Listen     string
	Passwd     string
	Display    int
	Findunused Defbool

func NewVncInfo

func NewVncInfo() (*VncInfo, error)

NewVncInfo returns an instance of VncInfo initialized with defaults.

type VnodeInfo

type VnodeInfo struct {
	Memkb     uint64
	Distances []uint32
	Pnode     uint32
	Vcpus     Bitmap

func NewVnodeInfo

func NewVnodeInfo() (*VnodeInfo, error)

NewVnodeInfo returns an instance of VnodeInfo initialized with defaults.

type VsndParams

type VsndParams struct {
	SampleRates   []uint32
	SampleFormats []VsndPcmFormat
	ChannelsMin   uint32
	ChannelsMax   uint32
	BufferSize    uint32

func NewVsndParams

func NewVsndParams() (*VsndParams, error)

NewVsndParams returns an instance of VsndParams initialized with defaults.

type VsndPcm

type VsndPcm struct {
	Name    string
	Params  VsndParams
	Streams []VsndStream

func NewVsndPcm

func NewVsndPcm() (*VsndPcm, error)

NewVsndPcm returns an instance of VsndPcm initialized with defaults.

type VsndPcmFormat

type VsndPcmFormat int
const (
	VsndPcmFormatS8               VsndPcmFormat = 1
	VsndPcmFormatU8               VsndPcmFormat = 2
	VsndPcmFormatS16Le            VsndPcmFormat = 3
	VsndPcmFormatS16Be            VsndPcmFormat = 4
	VsndPcmFormatU16Le            VsndPcmFormat = 5
	VsndPcmFormatU16Be            VsndPcmFormat = 6
	VsndPcmFormatS24Le            VsndPcmFormat = 7
	VsndPcmFormatS24Be            VsndPcmFormat = 8
	VsndPcmFormatU24Le            VsndPcmFormat = 9
	VsndPcmFormatU24Be            VsndPcmFormat = 10
	VsndPcmFormatS32Le            VsndPcmFormat = 11
	VsndPcmFormatS32Be            VsndPcmFormat = 12
	VsndPcmFormatU32Le            VsndPcmFormat = 13
	VsndPcmFormatU32Be            VsndPcmFormat = 14
	VsndPcmFormatF32Le            VsndPcmFormat = 15
	VsndPcmFormatF32Be            VsndPcmFormat = 16
	VsndPcmFormatF64Le            VsndPcmFormat = 17
	VsndPcmFormatF64Be            VsndPcmFormat = 18
	VsndPcmFormatIec958SubframeLe VsndPcmFormat = 19
	VsndPcmFormatIec958SubframeBe VsndPcmFormat = 20
	VsndPcmFormatMuLaw            VsndPcmFormat = 21
	VsndPcmFormatALaw             VsndPcmFormat = 22
	VsndPcmFormatImaAdpcm         VsndPcmFormat = 23
	VsndPcmFormatMpeg             VsndPcmFormat = 24
	VsndPcmFormatGsm              VsndPcmFormat = 25

type VsndStream

type VsndStream struct {
	UniqueId string
	Type     VsndStreamType
	Params   VsndParams

func NewVsndStream

func NewVsndStream() (*VsndStream, error)

NewVsndStream returns an instance of VsndStream initialized with defaults.

type VsndStreamType

type VsndStreamType int
const (
	VsndStreamTypeP VsndStreamType = 1
	VsndStreamTypeC VsndStreamType = 2

type Vsndinfo

type Vsndinfo struct {
	Backend    string
	BackendId  uint32
	Frontend   string
	FrontendId uint32
	Devid      Devid
	State      int
	Pcms       []Pcminfo

func NewVsndinfo

func NewVsndinfo() (*Vsndinfo, error)

NewVsndinfo returns an instance of Vsndinfo initialized with defaults.

type Vtpminfo

type Vtpminfo struct {
	Backend    string
	BackendId  uint32
	Frontend   string
	FrontendId uint32
	Devid      Devid
	State      int
	Evtch      int
	Rref       int
	Uuid       Uuid

func NewVtpminfo

func NewVtpminfo() (*Vtpminfo, error)

NewVtpminfo returns an instance of Vtpminfo initialized with defaults.

type VuartType

type VuartType int
const (
	VuartTypeUnknown  VuartType = 0
	VuartTypeSbsaUart VuartType = 1

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