zstd is a collection of small – and sometimes not so small – extensions to Go's standard library. There are no external dependencies.

The naming scheme is z[type] or z[pkgname].


Other useful packages:

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Package zstd is a collection of extensions to Go's stdlib.

Source Files


Path Synopsis
zbyte Package zbyte implements functions for byte slices.
zcrypto Package zcrypto implements cryptographic helpers.
zdebug Package zdebug implements functions useful when debugging programs.
zfloat Package zfloat implements functions for floats.
zgo Package zgo provides functions to work with Go source files.
zhttputil Package zhttputil provides HTTP utility functions.
zimage Package zimage adds functions for working with images.
zint Package zint implements functions for ints.
zioutil Package zioutil implements some I/O utility functions.
zjson Package zjson provides functions for working with JSON.
zmap Package zmap implements functions for maps.
zos Package zos implements functions for interfacing with the operating system.
zruntime Package zruntime provides utilities to interface with the Go runtime.
zstring Package zstring implements functions for strings.
zsync Package zsync adds functions for synchronization.
ztest Package ztest contains helper functions that are useful for writing tests.
ztest/fakeconn Package fakeconn provides a "fake" net.Conn implementation.
ztest/image Package image contains helpers for testing image-related code.
ztime Package ztime implements functions for date and time.