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const JoinKeyPart_TypeID = 0x95b29059097fca83

JoinKeyPart_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type JoinKeyPart.

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const JoinResult_TypeID = 0x9d263a3630b7ebee

JoinResult_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type JoinResult.

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const ProvisionId_TypeID = 0xb88d09a9c5f39817

ProvisionId_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type ProvisionId.

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const RecipientId_TypeID = 0x89f389b6fd4082c1

RecipientId_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type RecipientId.

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const Side_TypeID = 0x9fd69ebc87b9719c

Side_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type Side.

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const ThirdPartyCapId_TypeID = 0xb47f4979672cb59d

ThirdPartyCapId_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type ThirdPartyCapId.

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const VatId_TypeID = 0xd20b909fee733a8e

VatId_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type VatId.


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type JoinKeyPart

type JoinKeyPart struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewJoinKeyPart

func NewJoinKeyPart(s *capnp.Segment) (JoinKeyPart, error)

func NewRootJoinKeyPart

func NewRootJoinKeyPart(s *capnp.Segment) (JoinKeyPart, error)

func ReadRootJoinKeyPart

func ReadRootJoinKeyPart(msg *capnp.Message) (JoinKeyPart, error)

func (JoinKeyPart) JoinId

func (s JoinKeyPart) JoinId() uint32

func (JoinKeyPart) PartCount

func (s JoinKeyPart) PartCount() uint16

func (JoinKeyPart) PartNum

func (s JoinKeyPart) PartNum() uint16

func (JoinKeyPart) SetJoinId

func (s JoinKeyPart) SetJoinId(v uint32)

func (JoinKeyPart) SetPartCount

func (s JoinKeyPart) SetPartCount(v uint16)

func (JoinKeyPart) SetPartNum

func (s JoinKeyPart) SetPartNum(v uint16)

func (JoinKeyPart) String

func (s JoinKeyPart) String() string

type JoinKeyPart_List

type JoinKeyPart_List struct{ capnp.List }

JoinKeyPart_List is a list of JoinKeyPart.

func NewJoinKeyPart_List

func NewJoinKeyPart_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (JoinKeyPart_List, error)

NewJoinKeyPart creates a new list of JoinKeyPart.

func (JoinKeyPart_List) At

func (JoinKeyPart_List) Set

func (s JoinKeyPart_List) Set(i int, v JoinKeyPart) error

func (JoinKeyPart_List) String

func (s JoinKeyPart_List) String() string

type JoinKeyPart_Promise

type JoinKeyPart_Promise struct{ *capnp.Pipeline }

JoinKeyPart_Promise is a wrapper for a JoinKeyPart promised by a client call.

func (JoinKeyPart_Promise) Struct

func (p JoinKeyPart_Promise) Struct() (JoinKeyPart, error)

type JoinResult

type JoinResult struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewJoinResult

func NewJoinResult(s *capnp.Segment) (JoinResult, error)

func NewRootJoinResult

func NewRootJoinResult(s *capnp.Segment) (JoinResult, error)

func ReadRootJoinResult

func ReadRootJoinResult(msg *capnp.Message) (JoinResult, error)

func (JoinResult) Cap

func (s JoinResult) Cap() (capnp.Pointer, error)

func (JoinResult) CapPtr

func (s JoinResult) CapPtr() (capnp.Ptr, error)

func (JoinResult) HasCap

func (s JoinResult) HasCap() bool

func (JoinResult) JoinId

func (s JoinResult) JoinId() uint32

func (JoinResult) SetCap

func (s JoinResult) SetCap(v capnp.Pointer) error

func (JoinResult) SetCapPtr

func (s JoinResult) SetCapPtr(v capnp.Ptr) error

func (JoinResult) SetJoinId

func (s JoinResult) SetJoinId(v uint32)

func (JoinResult) SetSucceeded

func (s JoinResult) SetSucceeded(v bool)

func (JoinResult) String

func (s JoinResult) String() string

func (JoinResult) Succeeded

func (s JoinResult) Succeeded() bool

type JoinResult_List

type JoinResult_List struct{ capnp.List }

JoinResult_List is a list of JoinResult.

func NewJoinResult_List

func NewJoinResult_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (JoinResult_List, error)

NewJoinResult creates a new list of JoinResult.

func (JoinResult_List) At

func (s JoinResult_List) At(i int) JoinResult

func (JoinResult_List) Set

func (s JoinResult_List) Set(i int, v JoinResult) error

func (JoinResult_List) String

func (s JoinResult_List) String() string

type JoinResult_Promise

type JoinResult_Promise struct{ *capnp.Pipeline }

JoinResult_Promise is a wrapper for a JoinResult promised by a client call.

func (JoinResult_Promise) Cap

func (JoinResult_Promise) Struct

func (p JoinResult_Promise) Struct() (JoinResult, error)

type ProvisionId

type ProvisionId struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewProvisionId

func NewProvisionId(s *capnp.Segment) (ProvisionId, error)

func NewRootProvisionId

func NewRootProvisionId(s *capnp.Segment) (ProvisionId, error)

func ReadRootProvisionId

func ReadRootProvisionId(msg *capnp.Message) (ProvisionId, error)

func (ProvisionId) JoinId

func (s ProvisionId) JoinId() uint32

func (ProvisionId) SetJoinId

func (s ProvisionId) SetJoinId(v uint32)

func (ProvisionId) String

func (s ProvisionId) String() string

type ProvisionId_List

type ProvisionId_List struct{ capnp.List }

ProvisionId_List is a list of ProvisionId.

func NewProvisionId_List

func NewProvisionId_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (ProvisionId_List, error)

NewProvisionId creates a new list of ProvisionId.

func (ProvisionId_List) At

func (ProvisionId_List) Set

func (s ProvisionId_List) Set(i int, v ProvisionId) error

func (ProvisionId_List) String

func (s ProvisionId_List) String() string

type ProvisionId_Promise

type ProvisionId_Promise struct{ *capnp.Pipeline }

ProvisionId_Promise is a wrapper for a ProvisionId promised by a client call.

func (ProvisionId_Promise) Struct

func (p ProvisionId_Promise) Struct() (ProvisionId, error)

type RecipientId

type RecipientId struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewRecipientId

func NewRecipientId(s *capnp.Segment) (RecipientId, error)

func NewRootRecipientId

func NewRootRecipientId(s *capnp.Segment) (RecipientId, error)

func ReadRootRecipientId

func ReadRootRecipientId(msg *capnp.Message) (RecipientId, error)

func (RecipientId) String

func (s RecipientId) String() string

type RecipientId_List

type RecipientId_List struct{ capnp.List }

RecipientId_List is a list of RecipientId.

func NewRecipientId_List

func NewRecipientId_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (RecipientId_List, error)

NewRecipientId creates a new list of RecipientId.

func (RecipientId_List) At

func (RecipientId_List) Set

func (s RecipientId_List) Set(i int, v RecipientId) error

func (RecipientId_List) String

func (s RecipientId_List) String() string

type RecipientId_Promise

type RecipientId_Promise struct{ *capnp.Pipeline }

RecipientId_Promise is a wrapper for a RecipientId promised by a client call.

func (RecipientId_Promise) Struct

func (p RecipientId_Promise) Struct() (RecipientId, error)

type Side

type Side uint16
const (
	Side_server Side = 0
	Side_client Side = 1

Values of Side.

func SideFromString

func SideFromString(c string) Side

SideFromString returns the enum value with a name, or the zero value if there's no such value.

func (Side) String

func (c Side) String() string

String returns the enum's constant name.

type Side_List

type Side_List struct{ capnp.List }

func NewSide_List

func NewSide_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (Side_List, error)

func (Side_List) At

func (l Side_List) At(i int) Side

func (Side_List) Set

func (l Side_List) Set(i int, v Side)

type ThirdPartyCapId

type ThirdPartyCapId struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewRootThirdPartyCapId

func NewRootThirdPartyCapId(s *capnp.Segment) (ThirdPartyCapId, error)

func NewThirdPartyCapId

func NewThirdPartyCapId(s *capnp.Segment) (ThirdPartyCapId, error)

func ReadRootThirdPartyCapId

func ReadRootThirdPartyCapId(msg *capnp.Message) (ThirdPartyCapId, error)

func (ThirdPartyCapId) String

func (s ThirdPartyCapId) String() string

type ThirdPartyCapId_List

type ThirdPartyCapId_List struct{ capnp.List }

ThirdPartyCapId_List is a list of ThirdPartyCapId.

func NewThirdPartyCapId_List

func NewThirdPartyCapId_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (ThirdPartyCapId_List, error)

NewThirdPartyCapId creates a new list of ThirdPartyCapId.

func (ThirdPartyCapId_List) At

func (ThirdPartyCapId_List) Set

func (ThirdPartyCapId_List) String

func (s ThirdPartyCapId_List) String() string

type ThirdPartyCapId_Promise

type ThirdPartyCapId_Promise struct{ *capnp.Pipeline }

ThirdPartyCapId_Promise is a wrapper for a ThirdPartyCapId promised by a client call.

func (ThirdPartyCapId_Promise) Struct

type VatId

type VatId struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewRootVatId

func NewRootVatId(s *capnp.Segment) (VatId, error)

func NewVatId

func NewVatId(s *capnp.Segment) (VatId, error)

func ReadRootVatId

func ReadRootVatId(msg *capnp.Message) (VatId, error)

func (VatId) SetSide

func (s VatId) SetSide(v Side)

func (VatId) Side

func (s VatId) Side() Side

func (VatId) String

func (s VatId) String() string

type VatId_List

type VatId_List struct{ capnp.List }

VatId_List is a list of VatId.

func NewVatId_List

func NewVatId_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (VatId_List, error)

NewVatId creates a new list of VatId.

func (VatId_List) At

func (s VatId_List) At(i int) VatId

func (VatId_List) Set

func (s VatId_List) Set(i int, v VatId) error

func (VatId_List) String

func (s VatId_List) String() string

type VatId_Promise

type VatId_Promise struct{ *capnp.Pipeline }

VatId_Promise is a wrapper for a VatId promised by a client call.

func (VatId_Promise) Struct

func (p VatId_Promise) Struct() (VatId, error)

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