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var (
	// regular expression to add label
	RegAddLabel = regexp.MustCompile(`(?mi)^/(kind|priority)\s*(.*)$`)
	// regular expression to remove label
	RegRemoveLabel = regexp.MustCompile(`(?mi)^/remove-(kind|priority)\s*(.*)$`)


func Add

func Add(client *github.Client, event github.IssueCommentEvent) error

add labels

func AddLabelsToPR

func AddLabelsToPR(ctx context.Context, prEvent github.PullRequestEvent, client *github.Client, addLable string) error

AddLabelsToPR function to add label to the PR

func GetLabelsMap

func GetLabelsMap(comment string) map[string]string

getLabelsMap for add or remove labels

func GetListOfAddLabels

func GetListOfAddLabels(mapOfAddLabels map[string]string, listofRepoLabels []*github.Label, listofIssueLabels []*github.Label) []string

getListOfAddLabels return the exact list of add labels

func GetListOfRemoveLabels

func GetListOfRemoveLabels(mapOfRemoveLabels map[string]string, listofIssueLabels []*github.Label) []string

getListOfRemoveLabels return the exact list of remove labels

func Handle

func Handle(client *github.Client, event github.IssueCommentEvent) error

Handle event with label

func HandlePRLabels

func HandlePRLabels(ctx context.Context, prEvent github.PullRequestEvent, client *github.Client) error

HandlePRLabels function to handle add or remove label to the PR

func Remove

func Remove(client *github.Client, event github.IssueCommentEvent) error

remove labels

func RemoveLabelsToPR

func RemoveLabelsToPR(ctx context.Context, prEvent github.PullRequestEvent, client *github.Client, addLable string) error

RemoveLabelsToPR function to remove label to the PR


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