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const (
	// RangeAllocatorType is the allocator that uses an internal CIDR
	// range allocator to do node CIDR range allocations.
	RangeAllocatorType CIDRAllocatorType = "RangeAllocator"
	// CloudAllocatorType is the allocator that uses cloud platform
	// support to do node CIDR range allocations.
	CloudAllocatorType CIDRAllocatorType = "CloudAllocator"
	// IPAMFromClusterAllocatorType uses the ipam controller sync'ing the node
	// CIDR range allocations from the cluster to the cloud.
	IPAMFromClusterAllocatorType = "IPAMFromCluster"
	// IPAMFromCloudAllocatorType uses the ipam controller sync'ing the node
	// CIDR range allocations from the cloud to the cluster.
	IPAMFromCloudAllocatorType = "IPAMFromCloud"


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type CIDRAllocator

type CIDRAllocator interface {
	// AllocateOrOccupyCIDR looks at the given node, assigns it a valid
	// CIDR if it doesn't currently have one or mark the CIDR as used if
	// the node already have one.
	AllocateOrOccupyCIDR(node *v1.Node) error
	// ReleaseCIDR releases the CIDR of the removed node
	ReleaseCIDR(node *v1.Node) error
	// Run starts all the working logic of the allocator.
	Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

CIDRAllocator is an interface implemented by things that know how to allocate/occupy/recycle CIDR for nodes.

func New

func New(kubeClient clientset.Interface, nodeInformer informers.NodeInformer, allocatorType CIDRAllocatorType, allocatorParams CIDRAllocatorParams) (CIDRAllocator, error)

New creates a new CIDR range allocator.

func NewCIDRRangeAllocator

func NewCIDRRangeAllocator(client clientset.Interface, nodeInformer informers.NodeInformer, allocatorParams CIDRAllocatorParams, nodeList *v1.NodeList) (CIDRAllocator, error)

NewCIDRRangeAllocator returns a CIDRAllocator to allocate CIDRs for node (one from each of clusterCIDRs) Caller must ensure subNetMaskSize is not less than cluster CIDR mask size. Caller must always pass in a list of existing nodes so the new allocator. Caller must ensure that ClusterCIDRs are semantically correct e.g (1 for non DualStack, 2 for DualStack etc..) can initialize its CIDR map. NodeList is only nil in testing.

type CIDRAllocatorParams

type CIDRAllocatorParams struct {
	// ClusterCIDRs is list of cluster cidrs
	ClusterCIDRs []*net.IPNet
	// ServiceCIDR is primary service cidr for cluster
	ServiceCIDR *net.IPNet
	// SecondaryServiceCIDR is secondary service cidr for cluster
	SecondaryServiceCIDR *net.IPNet
	// NodeCIDRMaskSizes is list of node cidr mask sizes
	NodeCIDRMaskSizes []int

CIDRAllocatorParams is parameters that's required for creating new cidr range allocator.

type CIDRAllocatorType

type CIDRAllocatorType string

CIDRAllocatorType is the type of the allocator to use.


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