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type Aggregator

type Aggregator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Aggregator collects the stats from the antrea-agents, aggregates them, caches the result, and provides interfaces for Stats API handlers to query them. It implements the following interfaces: - pkg/apiserver/registry/controlplane/nodestatssummary.statsCollector - pkg/apiserver/registry/stats/networkpolicystats.statsProvider - pkg/apiserver/registry/stats/antreaclusternetworkpolicystats.statsProvider - pkg/apiserver/registry/stats/antreanetworkpolicystats.statsProvider

func (*Aggregator) Collect

func (a *Aggregator) Collect(summary *controlplane.NodeStatsSummary)

Collect collects the node summary asynchronously to avoid the competition for the statsLock and to save clients from pending on it.

func (*Aggregator) GetAntreaClusterNetworkPolicyStats

func (a *Aggregator) GetAntreaClusterNetworkPolicyStats(name string) (*statsv1alpha1.AntreaClusterNetworkPolicyStats, bool)

func (*Aggregator) GetAntreaNetworkPolicyStats

func (a *Aggregator) GetAntreaNetworkPolicyStats(namespace, name string) (*statsv1alpha1.AntreaNetworkPolicyStats, bool)

func (*Aggregator) GetNetworkPolicyStats

func (a *Aggregator) GetNetworkPolicyStats(namespace, name string) (*statsv1alpha1.NetworkPolicyStats, bool)

func (*Aggregator) ListAntreaClusterNetworkPolicyStats

func (a *Aggregator) ListAntreaClusterNetworkPolicyStats() []statsv1alpha1.AntreaClusterNetworkPolicyStats

func (*Aggregator) ListAntreaNetworkPolicyStats

func (a *Aggregator) ListAntreaNetworkPolicyStats(namespace string) []statsv1alpha1.AntreaNetworkPolicyStats

func (*Aggregator) ListNetworkPolicyStats

func (a *Aggregator) ListNetworkPolicyStats(namespace string) []statsv1alpha1.NetworkPolicyStats

func (*Aggregator) Run

func (a *Aggregator) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run runs a loop that keeps taking stats summary from the data channel and actually collecting them until the provided stop channel is closed.

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