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Package virtualnode the node managed by aranya



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type CreationOptions

type CreationOptions struct {
	// node info
	NodeName string
	HostIP   string
	Hostname string

	// func to schedule node status sync
	ScheduleNodeSync      func() error
	KubeClient            kubeclient.Interface
	KubeletServerListener net.Listener
	EventBroadcaster      record.EventBroadcaster
	VirtualnodeManager    *Manager

	ConnectivityManager connectivity.Manager

	ConnectivityOptions *connectivity.Options
	NodeOptions         *Options
	PodOptions          *pod.Options
	PeripheralOptions   *peripheral.Options
	MetricsOptions      *metrics.Options
	NetworkOptions      *network.Options
	StorageOptions      *storage.Options

CreationOptions are options used to create a new virtual node

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager of virtualnodes

func NewVirtualNodeManager

func NewVirtualNodeManager(
	ctx context.Context,
	config *conf.VN,
	getLease func(name string) *coordination.Lease,
	leaseClient *kubehelper.LeaseClient,
) *Manager

func (*Manager) Add

func (m *Manager) Add(vn *VirtualNode) error

Add a virtual node to the active virtual node list

func (*Manager) All

func (m *Manager) All() map[string]*VirtualNode

func (*Manager) Delete

func (m *Manager) Delete(name string)

Delete close and delete an active virtual node

func (*Manager) Get

func (m *Manager) Get(name string) (*VirtualNode, bool)

Get an active virtual node

func (*Manager) OnVirtualNodeConnected

func (m *Manager) OnVirtualNodeConnected(vn *VirtualNode) (allow bool)

func (*Manager) OnVirtualNodeDisconnected

func (m *Manager) OnVirtualNodeDisconnected(vn *VirtualNode)

func (*Manager) Start

func (m *Manager) Start(wg *sync.WaitGroup, stop <-chan struct{})

type NodeCache

type NodeCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NodeCache is a thread-safe cache store for node status and ext info (extra labels and annotations)

func (*NodeCache) RetrieveExtInfo

func (n *NodeCache) RetrieveExtInfo() (extLabels, extAnnotations map[string]string)

func (*NodeCache) RetrieveStatus

func (n *NodeCache) RetrieveStatus(s corev1.NodeStatus) corev1.NodeStatus

Retrieve latest node status cache

func (*NodeCache) UpdateCapacity

func (n *NodeCache) UpdateCapacity(c corev1.ResourceList)

func (*NodeCache) UpdateConditions

func (n *NodeCache) UpdateConditions(c []corev1.NodeCondition)

func (*NodeCache) UpdateExtInfo

func (n *NodeCache) UpdateExtInfo(extInfo []*aranyagopb.NodeExtInfo) error

func (*NodeCache) UpdatePhase

func (n *NodeCache) UpdatePhase(p corev1.NodePhase)

func (*NodeCache) UpdateSystemInfo

func (n *NodeCache) UpdateSystemInfo(i *corev1.NodeSystemInfo)

type Options

type Options struct {
	ForceSyncInterval      time.Duration
	MirrorNodeSyncInterval time.Duration

	NodeLabels      map[string]string
	NodeAnnotations map[string]string

type VirtualNode

type VirtualNode struct {
	SchedulePodJob pod.JobScheduleFunc
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

VirtualNode the virtual node implementation

func CreateVirtualNode

func CreateVirtualNode(ctx context.Context, cancel context.CancelFunc, opt *CreationOptions) (*VirtualNode, error)

CreateVirtualNode creates a new virtual node with options

func (*VirtualNode) ActualNodeStatus

func (vn *VirtualNode) ActualNodeStatus(resNodeStatus corev1.NodeStatus) corev1.NodeStatus

func (*VirtualNode) Connected

func (vn *VirtualNode) Connected() bool

func (*VirtualNode) ConnectivityServerListener

func (vn *VirtualNode) ConnectivityServerListener() net.Listener

func (*VirtualNode) ExtInfo

func (vn *VirtualNode) ExtInfo() (labels, annotations map[string]string)

func (*VirtualNode) ForceClose

func (vn *VirtualNode) ForceClose()

ForceClose shutdown this virtual node immediately

func (*VirtualNode) KubeletServerListener

func (vn *VirtualNode) KubeletServerListener() net.Listener

func (*VirtualNode) OS

func (vn *VirtualNode) OS() string

func (*VirtualNode) SetPodCIDRs

func (vn *VirtualNode) SetPodCIDRs(ipv4, ipv6 string)

func (*VirtualNode) Start

func (vn *VirtualNode) Start() error

Start the virtual node with all required managers

func (*VirtualNode) SyncDeviceNodeStatus

func (vn *VirtualNode) SyncDeviceNodeStatus(action aranyagopb.NodeInfoGetCmd_Kind) error

generate in cluster node cache for remote node


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