iface package containing common structures and interfaces of orbitdb



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    type AccessControllerConstructor

      AccessControllerConstructor Required prototype for custom controllers constructors

      type BaseOrbitDB

      type BaseOrbitDB interface {
      	// IPFS Returns the instance of the IPFS API used by the current DB
      	IPFS() coreapi.CoreAPI
      	// Identity Returns the identity used by the current DB
      	Identity() *identityprovider.Identity
      	// Open Opens an existing data store
      	Open(ctx context.Context, dbAddress string, options *CreateDBOptions) (Store, error)
      	// Create Creates a new store
      	Create(ctx context.Context, name string, storeType string, options *CreateDBOptions) (Store, error)
      	// Close Closes the current DB and all the related stores
      	Close() error
      	// DetermineAddress Returns the store address for the given parameters
      	DetermineAddress(ctx context.Context, name string, storeType string, options *DetermineAddressOptions) (address.Address, error)
      	// RegisterStoreType Registers a new store type
      	RegisterStoreType(storeType string, constructor StoreConstructor)
      	// RegisterStoreType Removes a store type
      	UnregisterStoreType(storeType string)
      	// RegisterAccessControllerType Registers a new access controller type
      	RegisterAccessControllerType(AccessControllerConstructor) error
      	// UnregisterAccessControllerType Unregisters an access controller type
      	// GetAccessControllerType Retrieves an access controller type constructor if it exists
      	GetAccessControllerType(string) (AccessControllerConstructor, bool)
      	// Logger Returns the logger
      	Logger() *zap.Logger
      	// Tracer Returns the tracer
      	Tracer() trace.Tracer

        BaseOrbitDB Provides the main OrbitDB interface used to open and create stores

        type CreateDBOptions

        type CreateDBOptions struct {
        	Directory               *string
        	Overwrite               *bool
        	LocalOnly               *bool
        	Create                  *bool
        	StoreType               *string
        	AccessControllerAddress string
        	AccessController        accesscontroller.ManifestParams
        	Replicate               *bool
        	Keystore                keystore.Interface
        	Cache                   datastore.Datastore
        	Identity                *identityprovider.Identity
        	SortFn                  ipfslog.SortFn

          CreateDBOptions lists the arguments to create a store

          type DetermineAddressOptions

          type DetermineAddressOptions struct {
          	OnlyHash         *bool
          	Replicate        *bool
          	AccessController accesscontroller.ManifestParams

            DetermineAddressOptions Lists the arguments used to determine a store address

            type DirectChannel

            type DirectChannel interface {
            	// Connect Waits for the other peer to be connected
            	Connect(context.Context) error
            	// Sends Sends a message to the other peer
            	Send(context.Context, []byte) error
            	// Close Closes the connection
            	Close() error

            type DirectChannelFactory

            type DirectChannelFactory func(ctx context.Context, receiver p2pcore.PeerID, opts *DirectChannelOptions) (DirectChannel, error)

            type DirectChannelOptions

            type DirectChannelOptions struct {
            	Logger *zap.Logger

            type EventLogStore

            type EventLogStore interface {
            	// Add Appends data to the log
            	Add(ctx context.Context, data []byte) (operation.Operation, error)
            	// Get Fetches an entry of the log
            	Get(ctx context.Context, cid cid.Cid) (operation.Operation, error)
            	// Stream Populates a chan of entries from this store
            	Stream(ctx context.Context, resultChan chan operation.Operation, options *StreamOptions) error
            	// List Fetches a list of operation that occurred on this store
            	List(ctx context.Context, options *StreamOptions) ([]operation.Operation, error)

              EventLogStore A type of store that provides an append only log

              type EventPubSubJoin

              type EventPubSubJoin struct {
              	Peer peer.ID

                EventPubSubJoin Is an event triggered when a peer joins the channel

                type EventPubSubLeave

                type EventPubSubLeave struct {
                	Peer peer.ID

                  EventPubSubLeave Is an event triggered when a peer leave the channel

                  type EventPubSubMessage

                  type EventPubSubMessage struct {
                  	Content []byte

                    EventPubSubMessage Indicates a new message posted on a pubsub topic

                    type EventPubSubPayload

                    type EventPubSubPayload struct {
                    	Payload []byte

                      EventPubSubPayload An event received on new messages

                      type IndexConstructor

                      type IndexConstructor func(publicKey []byte) StoreIndex

                        IndexConstructor Defines the expected constructor for a custom index

                        type KeyValueStore

                        type KeyValueStore interface {
                        	// All Returns a consolidated key value map from the entries of this store
                        	All() map[string][]byte
                        	// Put Sets the value for a key of the map
                        	Put(ctx context.Context, key string, value []byte) (operation.Operation, error)
                        	// Delete Clears the value for a key of the map
                        	Delete(ctx context.Context, key string) (operation.Operation, error)
                        	// Get Retrieves the value for a key of the map
                        	Get(ctx context.Context, key string) ([]byte, error)

                          EventLogStore A type of store that provides a key value store

                          type NewStoreOptions

                          type NewStoreOptions struct {
                          	Index                  IndexConstructor
                          	AccessController       accesscontroller.Interface
                          	Cache                  datastore.Datastore
                          	CacheDestroy           func() error
                          	ReplicationConcurrency uint
                          	ReferenceCount         *int
                          	Replicate              *bool
                          	MaxHistory             *int
                          	Directory              string
                          	SortFn                 ipfslog.SortFn
                          	Logger                 *zap.Logger
                          	Tracer                 trace.Tracer

                            NewStoreOptions Lists the options to create a new store

                            type OnWritePrototype

                            type OnWritePrototype func(ctx context.Context, addr cid.Cid, entry ipfslog.Entry, heads []cid.Cid) error

                              OnWritePrototype Defines the callback function prototype which is triggered on a write

                              type OrbitDB

                                OrbitDB Provides an OrbitDB interface with the default access controllers and store types

                                type OrbitDBKVStore

                                type OrbitDBKVStore interface {

                                  OrbitDBKVStore An OrbitDB instance providing a KeyValue store

                                  type OrbitDBKVStoreProvider

                                  type OrbitDBKVStoreProvider interface {
                                  	// KeyValue Creates or opens an KeyValueStore
                                  	KeyValue(ctx context.Context, address string, options *CreateDBOptions) (KeyValueStore, error)

                                    OrbitDBLogStoreProvider Exposes a method providing a key value store

                                    type OrbitDBLogStore

                                    type OrbitDBLogStore interface {

                                      OrbitDBLogStore An OrbitDB instance providing an Event Log store

                                      type OrbitDBLogStoreProvider

                                      type OrbitDBLogStoreProvider interface {
                                      	// Log Creates or opens an EventLogStore
                                      	Log(ctx context.Context, address string, options *CreateDBOptions) (EventLogStore, error)

                                        OrbitDBLogStoreProvider Exposes a method providing an event log store

                                        type PubSubInterface

                                        type PubSubInterface interface {
                                        	// Subscribe Subscribes to a topic
                                        	TopicSubscribe(ctx context.Context, topic string) (PubSubTopic, error)

                                        type PubSubSubscriptionOptions

                                        type PubSubSubscriptionOptions struct {
                                        	Logger *zap.Logger
                                        	Tracer trace.Tracer

                                        type PubSubTopic

                                        type PubSubTopic interface {
                                        	// Publish Posts a new message on a topic
                                        	Publish(ctx context.Context, message []byte) error
                                        	// Peers Lists peers connected to the topic
                                        	Peers(ctx context.Context) ([]peer.ID, error)
                                        	// WatchPeers subscribes to peers joining or leaving the topic
                                        	WatchPeers(ctx context.Context) (<-chan events.Event, error)
                                        	// WatchMessages
                                        	WatchMessages(ctx context.Context) (<-chan *EventPubSubMessage, error)
                                        	// Returns the topic name
                                        	Topic() string

                                          PubSubTopic is a pub sub subscription to a topic

                                          type Store

                                          type Store interface {
                                          	// Close Closes the store
                                          	Close() error
                                          	// Address Returns the address for the current store
                                          	Address() address.Address
                                          	// Index Returns the StoreIndex struct for the current store instance
                                          	Index() StoreIndex
                                          	// Type Returns the current store type as a string
                                          	Type() string
                                          	// ReplicationStatus Returns the current ReplicationInfo status
                                          	ReplicationStatus() replicator.ReplicationInfo
                                          	// Replicator Returns the Replicator object
                                          	Replicator() replicator.Replicator
                                          	// Replicator Returns the Cache object
                                          	Cache() datastore.Datastore
                                          	// Drop Removes all the local store content
                                          	Drop() error
                                          	// Load Fetches entries on the network
                                          	Load(ctx context.Context, amount int) error
                                          	// Sync Merges stores with the given heads
                                          	Sync(ctx context.Context, heads []ipfslog.Entry) error
                                          	// LoadMoreFrom Loads more entries from the given CIDs
                                          	LoadMoreFrom(ctx context.Context, amount uint, entries []cid.Cid)
                                          	// LoadFromSnapshot Loads store content from a snapshot
                                          	LoadFromSnapshot(ctx context.Context) error
                                          	// OpLog Returns the underlying IPFS Log instance for the store
                                          	OpLog() ipfslog.Log
                                          	// IPFS Returns the IPFS instance for the store
                                          	IPFS() coreapi.CoreAPI
                                          	// DBName Returns the store name as a string
                                          	DBName() string
                                          	// Identity Returns the identity used for the current store
                                          	Identity() *identityprovider.Identity
                                          	// AccessController Returns the access controller for this store
                                          	AccessController() accesscontroller.Interface
                                          	// AddOperation Adds an operation to this store
                                          	AddOperation(ctx context.Context, op operation.Operation, onProgressCallback chan<- ipfslog.Entry) (ipfslog.Entry, error)
                                          	// Logger Returns the logger
                                          	Logger() *zap.Logger
                                          	// Tracer Returns the tracer
                                          	Tracer() trace.Tracer

                                            Store Defines the operations common to all stores types

                                            type StoreConstructor

                                              StoreConstructor Defines the expected constructor for a custom store

                                              type StoreIndex

                                              type StoreIndex interface {
                                              	// Get Returns the state of the datastore, ie. most up-to-date data
                                              	Get(key string) interface{}
                                              	// UpdateIndex Applies operations to the Index and updates the state
                                              	UpdateIndex(log ipfslog.Log, entries []ipfslog.Entry) error

                                                StoreIndex Index contains the state of a datastore, ie. what data we currently have.

                                                Index receives a call from a Store when the operations log for the Store was updated, ie. new operations were added. In updateIndex, the Index implements its CRDT logic: add, remove or update items in the data structure. Each new operation received from the operations log is applied in order onto the current state, ie. each new operation changes the data and the state changes.

                                                Implementing each CRDT as an Index, we can implement both operation-based and state-based CRDTs with the same higher level abstractions. To read the current state of the database, Index provides a single public function: `get()`. It is up to the Store to decide what kind of query capabilities it provides to the consumer.

                                                type StreamOptions

                                                type StreamOptions struct {
                                                	GT     *cid.Cid
                                                	GTE    *cid.Cid
                                                	LT     *cid.Cid
                                                	LTE    *cid.Cid
                                                	Amount *int

                                                  StreamOptions Defines the parameters that can be given to the Stream function of an EventLogStore