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Published: Jun 23, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



var UserAgent = make(map[string]string)

UserAgent -

type Database

type Database struct {
	Data   *packr.Box
	Logger *logger.Logger
	DB     *bolt.DB
	Stores database.Stores

Database -

func (*Database) CreateHash

func (cc *Database) CreateHash(key string) string

CreateHash -

func (*Database) FetchUserAgent

func (cc *Database) FetchUserAgent(url string)

FetchUserAgent -

func (*Database) GOB

func (cc *Database) GOB(data interface{}) []byte


func (*Database) GenerateToken

func (cc *Database) GenerateToken() string

GenerateToken -

func (*Database) Get

func (cc *Database) Get(bucket, key string, autocreateBucket bool) (value []byte, err error)

Get -

func (*Database) GetAll

func (cc *Database) GetAll(bucket string) (res interface{})

GetAll -

func (*Database) GetAssets

func (cc *Database) GetAssets() (ass map[string]database.Assets)

GetAssets -

func (*Database) Init

func (cc *Database) Init() (err error)

Init -

func (*Database) InsertAssetsProvider

func (cc *Database) InsertAssetsProvider(opt database.AssetProvider) error

InsertAssetsProvider -

func (*Database) InsertToken

func (cc *Database) InsertToken(opt database.Token) error

InsertToken -

func (*Database) InsertUsers

func (cc *Database) InsertUsers(us database.Users) (err error)

InsertUsers -

func (*Database) Load

func (cc *Database) Load() (err error)

Load -

func (*Database) Set

func (cc *Database) Set(bucket, key string, value []byte, autocreateBucket bool) (err error)

Set -

func (*Database) UpdateUserAgent

func (cc *Database) UpdateUserAgent()

UpdateUserAgent -

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