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const (
	// Global validator's statuses
	ValidatorPresent = 1
	ValidatorAbsent  = 2

	BlockMaxBytes = 10000000

	DefaultMaxGas = 100000
	MinMaxGas     = 5000


This section is empty.


func ApplyUpgrade3

func ApplyUpgrade3(state *state.State, events eventsdb.IEventsDB)


type Blockchain

type Blockchain struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Main structure of Minter Blockchain

func NewMinterBlockchain

func NewMinterBlockchain(cfg *config.Config) *Blockchain

Creates Minter Blockchain instance, should be only called once

func (*Blockchain) BeginBlock

Signals the beginning of a block.

func (*Blockchain) CheckTx

Validate a tx for the mempool

func (*Blockchain) Commit

func (app *Blockchain) Commit() abciTypes.ResponseCommit

Commit the state and return the application Merkle root hash

func (*Blockchain) CurrentState

func (app *Blockchain) CurrentState() *state.State

Get immutable state of Minter Blockchain

func (*Blockchain) DeliverTx

Deliver a tx for full processing

func (*Blockchain) EndBlock

Signals the end of a block, returns changes to the validator set

func (*Blockchain) GetBlocksTimeDelta

func (app *Blockchain) GetBlocksTimeDelta(height, count uint64) (int, error)

func (*Blockchain) GetEventsDB

func (app *Blockchain) GetEventsDB() eventsdb.IEventsDB

func (*Blockchain) GetStateForHeight

func (app *Blockchain) GetStateForHeight(height uint64) (*state.State, error)

Get immutable state of Minter Blockchain for given height

func (*Blockchain) Height

func (app *Blockchain) Height() uint64

Get current height of Minter Blockchain

func (*Blockchain) Info

func (app *Blockchain) Info(req abciTypes.RequestInfo) (resInfo abciTypes.ResponseInfo)

Return application info. Used for synchronization between Tendermint and Minter

func (*Blockchain) InitChain

Initialize blockchain with validators and other info. Only called once.

func (*Blockchain) MinGasPrice

func (app *Blockchain) MinGasPrice() uint32

Get minimal acceptable gas price

func (*Blockchain) Query

Unused method, required by Tendermint

func (*Blockchain) SetBlocksTimeDelta

func (app *Blockchain) SetBlocksTimeDelta(height uint64, value int)

func (*Blockchain) SetOption

Unused method, required by Tendermint

func (*Blockchain) SetStatisticData

func (app *Blockchain) SetStatisticData(statisticData *statistics.Data) *statistics.Data

func (*Blockchain) SetTmNode

func (app *Blockchain) SetTmNode(node *tmNode.Node)

Set Tendermint node

func (*Blockchain) StatisticData

func (app *Blockchain) StatisticData() *statistics.Data

func (*Blockchain) Stop

func (app *Blockchain) Stop()

Gracefully stopping Minter Blockchain instance