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func Cmp

func Cmp(iv2Asset, ufsAsset *ufspb.Asset) bool

    Cmp does protobuf comparison between both inputs

    func Compare

    func Compare(iv2Machine, ufsMachine *ufspb.Machine) bool

      Compare does protobuf comparison between both inputs

      func GetAllAssetInfo

      func GetAllAssetInfo(ctx context.Context, client *datastore.Client) (map[string]*iv2pr2.AssetInfo, error)

        GetAllAssetInfo retrieves all the asset info data from inventory-V2

        func GetAllAssets

        func GetAllAssets(ctx context.Context, client *datastore.Client) ([]*iv2pr.ChopsAsset, error)

          GetAllAssets retrieves all the asset data from inventory-V2

          func GetAssetToHostnameMap

          func GetAssetToHostnameMap(ctx context.Context, client *bigquery.Client) (map[string]string, error)

            GetAssetToHostnameMap gets the asset tag to hostname mapping from assets_in_swarming BQ table

            func InitServer

            func InitServer(srv *server.Server, opts Options)

              InitServer initializes a purger server.

              func SyncAssetInfoFromHaRT

              func SyncAssetInfoFromHaRT(ctx context.Context) error

                SyncAssetInfoFromHaRT publishes the request for asset info to HaRT.

                The response for this request will be made to an endpoint on an RPC call. This function only checks for the assets that have Device info missing or the last update on the device was 48 hours ago.

                func SyncAssetsFromIV2

                func SyncAssetsFromIV2(ctx context.Context) error

                  SyncAssetsFromIV2 updates assets table in UFS using data from IV2

                  func SyncMachinesFromAssets

                  func SyncMachinesFromAssets(ctx context.Context) error

                    SyncMachinesFromAssets updates machines table from assets table

                    Checks all the DUT and Labstation assets and creates/updates machines if required.

                    func Use

                    func Use(ctx context.Context, bqClient *bigquery.Client) context.Context

                      Use installs bigquery client to context.

                      func UseProject

                      func UseProject(ctx context.Context, project string) context.Context

                        UseProject installs project name to context.


                        type Options

                        type Options struct {
                        	// CronInterval setups the user-specific cron interval for data dumping
                        	CronInterval time.Duration

                          Options is the dumper server configuration.