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type Server

type Server struct {
	Addr string

	// Any unimplemented methods will cause a panic when called.

	// ReadRowsFn mocks ReadRows.
	ReadRowsFn func(*btpb.ReadRowsRequest, btpb.Bigtable_ReadRowsServer) error
	// SampleRowKeysFn mocks SampleRowKeys.
	SampleRowKeysFn func(*btpb.SampleRowKeysRequest, btpb.Bigtable_SampleRowKeysServer) error
	// MutateRowFn mocks MutateRow.
	MutateRowFn func(context.Context, *btpb.MutateRowRequest) (*btpb.MutateRowResponse, error)
	// MutateRowsFn mocks MutateRows.
	MutateRowsFn func(*btpb.MutateRowsRequest, btpb.Bigtable_MutateRowsServer) error
	// CheckAndMutateRowFn mocks CheckAndMutateRow.
	CheckAndMutateRowFn func(context.Context, *btpb.CheckAndMutateRowRequest) (*btpb.CheckAndMutateRowResponse, error)
	// ReadModifyWriteRowFn mocks ReadModifyWriteRow.
	ReadModifyWriteRowFn func(context.Context, *btpb.ReadModifyWriteRowRequest) (*btpb.ReadModifyWriteRowResponse, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server is an in-memory Cloud Bigtable fake. It is unauthenticated, and only a rough approximation.

func NewServer

func NewServer(laddr string, opt ...grpc.ServerOption) (*Server, error)

NewServer creates a new Server. The Server will be listening for gRPC connections, without TLS, on the provided address. The resolved address is named by the Addr field.

func (*Server) CheckAndMutateRow

CheckAndMutateRow implements CheckAndMutateRow of the BigtableServer interface.

func (*Server) Close

func (s *Server) Close() error

Close closes the server.

func (*Server) MutateRow

func (s *Server) MutateRow(ctx context.Context, req *btpb.MutateRowRequest) (*btpb.MutateRowResponse, error)

MutateRow implements MutateRow of the BigtableServer interface.

func (*Server) MutateRows

MutateRows implements MutateRows of the BigtableServer interface.

func (*Server) ReadModifyWriteRow

ReadModifyWriteRow implements ReadModifyWriteRow of the BigtableServer interface.

func (*Server) ReadRows

ReadRows implements ReadRows of the BigtableServer interface.

func (*Server) SampleRowKeys

SampleRowKeys implements SampleRowKeys of the BigtableServer interface.

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