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const (
	// HTTPReadyzEndpoint route
	HTTPReadyzEndpoint = "/readyz"
	// WebhookConfigPrefix is the prefix for the dir containing the webhook SSL certs
	WebhookConfigPrefix = "cf-operator-hook-"
	// WebhookConfigDir contains the dir with the webhook SSL certs
	WebhookConfigDir = "/tmp"


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func AddHooks

func AddHooks(ctx context.Context, config *config.Config, m manager.Manager, generator credsgen.Generator) error

AddHooks adds all web hooks to the Manager

func AddToManager

func AddToManager(ctx context.Context, config *config.Config, m manager.Manager) error

AddToManager adds all Controllers to the Manager

func AddToScheme

func AddToScheme(s *runtime.Scheme) error

AddToScheme adds all Resources to the Scheme


type WebhookConfig

type WebhookConfig struct {
	ConfigName string
	// CertDir is not deleted automatically, so we can re-use the same SSL between operator restarts in production
	CertDir       string
	Certificate   []byte
	Key           []byte
	CaCertificate []byte
	CaKey         []byte
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WebhookConfig generates certificates and the configuration for the webhook server

func NewWebhookConfig

func NewWebhookConfig(c client.Client, config *config.Config, generator credsgen.Generator, configName string) *WebhookConfig

NewWebhookConfig returns a new WebhookConfig


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