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Published: Nov 8, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type InitSpec

type InitSpec struct {
	Rootless       string
	UIDMappings    []groot.IDMappingSpec
	GIDMappings    []groot.IDMappingSpec
	StoreSizeBytes int64

type Runner

type Runner struct {
	GrootFSBin string

	Driver string
	// Store path
	StorePath string

	// Binaries
	DraxBin        string
	TardisBin      string
	BtrfsProgsPath string
	NewuidmapBin   string
	NewgidmapBin   string
	// Metrics
	MetronHost net.IP
	MetronPort uint16
	// Logging
	LogLevelSet bool
	LogLevel    lager.LogLevel
	LogFile     string
	// Streams
	Stdout io.Writer
	Stderr io.Writer
	// Configuration
	ConfigPath string
	// Registry
	InsecureRegistry string
	RegistryUsername string
	RegistryPassword string
	EnvVars          []string
	// Clean on Create
	CleanOnCreate   bool
	NoCleanOnCreate bool
	// Layer Checksum Validation
	SkipLayerValidation bool

	SysCredential syscall.Credential
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (Runner) Clean

func (r Runner) Clean(threshold int64) (string, error)

func (Runner) Create

func (r Runner) Create(spec groot.CreateSpec) (specs.Spec, error)

func (Runner) Delete

func (r Runner) Delete(id string) error

func (Runner) DeleteStore

func (r Runner) DeleteStore() error

func (Runner) EnsureMounted

func (r Runner) EnsureMounted(containerSpec specs.Spec) error

func (Runner) GenerateVolumeSizeMetadata

func (r Runner) GenerateVolumeSizeMetadata() error

func (Runner) InitStore

func (r Runner) InitStore(spec InitSpec) error

func (Runner) List

func (r Runner) List() ([]groot.ImageInfo, error)

func (Runner) RunSubcommand

func (r Runner) RunSubcommand(subcommand string, args ...string) (string, error)

func (Runner) RunningAsUser

func (r Runner) RunningAsUser(uid, gid int) Runner

func (*Runner) SetConfig

func (r *Runner) SetConfig(cfg config.Config) error

func (Runner) SkipInitStore

func (r Runner) SkipInitStore() Runner

func (Runner) SkipLayerCheckSumValidation

func (r Runner) SkipLayerCheckSumValidation() Runner

func (Runner) StartCreate

func (r Runner) StartCreate(spec groot.CreateSpec) (*gexec.Session, error)

func (Runner) StartSubcommand

func (r Runner) StartSubcommand(subcommand string, args ...string) (*gexec.Session, error)

func (Runner) Stats

func (r Runner) Stats(id string) (groot.VolumeStats, error)

func (Runner) WithBtrfsProgsPath

func (r Runner) WithBtrfsProgsPath(btrfsProgsPath string) Runner

func (Runner) WithClean

func (r Runner) WithClean() Runner

func (Runner) WithConfig

func (r Runner) WithConfig(configPath string) Runner

func (Runner) WithCredentials

func (r Runner) WithCredentials(username, password string) Runner

func (Runner) WithDraxBin

func (r Runner) WithDraxBin(draxBin string) Runner

func (Runner) WithDriver

func (r Runner) WithDriver(driver string) Runner

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Drivers /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

func (Runner) WithEnvVar

func (r Runner) WithEnvVar(variable string) Runner

func (Runner) WithInsecureRegistry

func (r Runner) WithInsecureRegistry(registry string) Runner

func (Runner) WithLogFile

func (r Runner) WithLogFile(path string) Runner

func (Runner) WithLogLevel

func (r Runner) WithLogLevel(level lager.LogLevel) Runner

func (Runner) WithMetronEndpoint

func (r Runner) WithMetronEndpoint(host net.IP, port uint16) Runner

func (Runner) WithNewgidmapBin

func (r Runner) WithNewgidmapBin(newgidmapBin string) Runner

func (Runner) WithNewuidmapBin

func (r Runner) WithNewuidmapBin(newuidmapBin string) Runner

func (Runner) WithNoClean

func (r Runner) WithNoClean() Runner

func (Runner) WithStderr

func (r Runner) WithStderr(stderr io.Writer) Runner

func (Runner) WithStdout

func (r Runner) WithStdout(stdout io.Writer) Runner

func (Runner) WithStore

func (r Runner) WithStore(path string) Runner

func (Runner) WithTardisBin

func (r Runner) WithTardisBin(draxBin string) Runner

func (Runner) WithoutDraxBin

func (r Runner) WithoutDraxBin() Runner

func (Runner) WithoutDriver

func (r Runner) WithoutDriver() Runner

func (Runner) WithoutLogLevel

func (r Runner) WithoutLogLevel() Runner

func (Runner) WithoutStore

func (r Runner) WithoutStore() Runner

func (Runner) WithoutTardisBin

func (r Runner) WithoutTardisBin() Runner

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