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Published: Jun 29, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type NATSEmitter

type NATSEmitter interface {
	Emit(messagesToEmit routingtable.MessagesToEmit) error

go:generate counterfeiter -o fakes/fake_nats_emitter.go . NATSEmitter

func NewNATSEmitter

func NewNATSEmitter(natsClient diegonats.NATSClient, workPool *workpool.WorkPool, logger lager.Logger, metronClient loggingclient.IngressClient, emitInternalRoutes bool) NATSEmitter

type RoutingAPIEmitter

type RoutingAPIEmitter interface {
	Emit(routingEvents routingtable.TCPRouteMappings) error

go:generate counterfeiter -o fakes/fake_routing_api_emitter.go . RoutingAPIEmitter

func NewRoutingAPIEmitter

func NewRoutingAPIEmitter(logger lager.Logger, routingAPIClient routing_api.Client, uaaClient uaaclient.Client, routeTTL int) RoutingAPIEmitter

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